Month: June 2012

An Interview With Musical Artist KC Jockey


KC Jockey is a musical artist whose song “Girl You Free” is an internet sensation. Here is a link to his website:

1. What do you hope to express though your music?

I hope to express nothing but a positive message towards the world.
Anytime you hear a KC Jockey song you must be able to relate to it to
uplift you in more than one way positively. Just expressing feelings emotions
and spiritual connections to one’s self.

2. What do you like about Hollywood?

I love Hollywood because it’s full of excitement and class and people doing
big things. Major successful connections.

3. What don’t you like about it?

The only thing I don’t like about Hollywood that it’s far from where I
live on the east side.

4. Who are some of your influences?

Some of my influences are Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Al
Greene, Smokey Robinson, Prince, Jay Z, KRS1, LL Cool J, Madonna, Bob
Marley, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, AC/DC, Bruce Springstein to name a few
old school and new school all blended as they all bring different
flavoring to the big kool aid jug of music.

5. What has been your biggest triumph?

My biggest triumph of my career are too many to name but the most natural
Memorable one as I can recall is being on B.E.T for a year and a half
straight every night on Uncut with my song Diggy Diggy — without a
major record company behind the project.

6. What has been your biggest disappointment?

One of my biggest disappointments was that I couldn’t travel over
several years while my music was spreading like a virus all over the
world and they needed me to perform but I couldn’t. Also when I
did the show via satellite to Kingston, Jamaica for the first time ever on
Sting and there was a malfunction at the show so the fans didn’t get
to see me.

7. What trends in music bother you?
The general direction in which our great powerful message in the
music is going and heading is crazy and so so wrong. Some of the music
these days have been changed and developed into such horrific
nonsense. These days it’s not about talent it’s all about $$$$ and who
you know. Real artists with real positive messages thru their songs
have to pay to play. The craftsmanship of the music is watered down.
Majority of artists don’t have to write anymore things that make
sense to get across to the world. Yet I do love all artists cause we are all
a team but each to their own if their method works for them great. But
the question is for how long?

9. What song sums up your philosophy of life?

Wake up everybody no more sleeping bed. Teddy Pendegrass song sums
life on a whole complete level. Listening to the words. There are many
but off the top of the brain that’s which one rings bells for now.

10. What is your wildest showbiz story?

Wildest showbiz story was when I was working on I Am Legend Set With
Will Smith. It was very cold the coldest day in NYC for a
while below zero type weather. Frostbite can’t feel your toes
and fingers. Two jackets wearing and thermals and all standing outdoors
in the cold just to make sure that you get chosen upfront for special
parts to be added to your credits and career level. Something you
didn’t want to do but it was a must no matter what the struggles would
have been.

11. What is more important in music today; looks or talent?

The most important thing these days to people are looks more than talent.
As a matter of a fact not even looks it’s all who you know these days
and where your $$$ can put you financially. It’s not like before in
the days when you had to have talent and a sound that’s distinctive. A
lot of songs these days as I said before are ABC 123 kindergarten
levels but because of greed and laziness of a lot of artists and the
connections who allow such things to get thru the door that’s what it
is. A lot of the Dj’s are to be blamed for it as well. Cause they love
to follow no one are leaders anymore. Every Dj is playing the same set
of music that is being played and programmed to play already on the
radio. So how can they know their skills? They playing the same songs
that people already know. A real Dj like back in the days break records
and make records and a lot of unknown talent be heard. But I must say
this to all the great artists not being heard the proper way. What God
has set for you and it’s your destiny to do so NO ONE CAN STOP IT. So
Keep doing your thing it’s a matter of time before they have to
Recognize you and love you for being you and not selling out