An Interview with Former Home Builder and Aspiring Actor Bruce Kade

Bruce Kade is a former home builder who has come to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Here is a link to his Facebook page:

Q:  How did you get into the home building business?


A: My Uncle built beautiful expensive custom homes. I remember going to his model homes and just being in awe of them and I would tell my parents I wanted to build homes like my Uncles when I grew up. Sure enough when I finished college I went to my father for help and we started building custom spec homes. We started out with just building two homes in the first year, by year four we were building 25 homes a year.

Q: What is the biggest difference between running a business in Canada and running a business in the United States?

A: It’s pretty much the same. There are a few differences between the tax system and the way you set up companies, but for the most part it’s very similar.

Q:  Do you think working conditions are better for American laborers or Canadian Labors?

A: H’mmm, great question. I would have to say I give the edge to Canada for a few reasons. The first being free health care. A lot of employers in USA can’t afford to offer health care or if you’re a small business owner you may not be able to afford a health care plan for your family. I think it’s a huge advantage to not have worry about paying $500-$1000/month to insure your family for health care. Another nice thing in the Canadian labor laws is women get close to a year off paid maternity leave, here in the States I think its 12 weeks. Pretty crazy that Moms are expected to put there 3 month old baby in daycare and head back to work so fast!

Q: What is your weirdest work story?

A: Well, I have a few, but of my HVAC tradesman was actually a high-ranking member of a powerful criminal motorbike gang in Canada. He actually did great work and I could not believe it when I found out! We found out he used the HVAC company to clean his gang money.

Q: What makes someone a good boss?

A: I think a good boss is open-minded and listens to his employees. Employees are doing their tasks every day and they usually come up with better or more innovative ways to do them.

 Q: What makes someone a good employee?

A: A good employee needs to be reliable and trust worthy. Shows up every day ready to work hard and ready to contribute to whatever the task is at hand. Obviously a positive attitude and outlook on life goes a long way too.

Q: What was the most challenging home building job you ever had?

A: One job we were hired to do, the house ended up being on a lot with a very high water table. When we excavated the basement water kept coming in from everywhere. We ended up having to dig down deeper, do lots of pilings and add tons of crushed rock, and several sump pumps to pump out the water whenever it rose to much. It was a very painful, expensive and stressful build.

Q: What made you get out of the business?


A: I moved to Phoenix AZ in 2008 seeking better weather. I was sick of building homes in -20 degree weather and snow. It’s not very fun building a home during the winter. Some days you’d be shoveling 2 feet of snow off the floor of a house you where framing, or on the roof trying do the roofing in a snowstorm. When I moved to Phoenix I was ready to build homes but that’s when the market took a huge crash. So we shifted our game plan and went into foreclosures and flips. That’s what I’ve been doing in Phoenix for the past four years.


Q: What made you want to become an actor?

A: I met an author that approached me to be in her movie, she just liked my look for the role. I thought it sounded cool, but I didn’t know how to act. So I went to take a few acting classes and caught the bug!! Since then I’ve had three small roles in feature films, landed a manager and an agent.

Q: What kind of training have you had (or are you taking) in acting?

A: I’ve taken classes at Margie Haber’s Acting Studio, as well as with Amy Lyndon. Both awesome classes that taught me so much. I still have tons to learn and I think I’ll be taking acting classes for the rest of my life, always developing and growing in the craft.

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