An Interview With Blogger Carmen Varner

Carmen Varner is a Los Angeles based blogger whose subjects include vegan cooking, hip hop music and skateboarding. Here is a link to her blog:

Q:  What inspired you to start blogging?


A: My website is basically a giant resume. I started it my last year of university because I wanted to refer future employers to it. It’s different than writing researched articles and meeting deadlines. I get to be my own boss, which is nice.

Q:  Who are some of your favorite bloggers.

A: I couldn’t even begin to narrow it down. I have a short attention span so I look to one topic then another. However, I tend to follow a lot of vegan and do-it-yourself blogs.


Q:  What made you chose vegetarianism?

A: I’ve been vegetarian for 7 years, vegan for about a year. I decided to do it because I’ve always gotten along better with animals. I’ve always cared very deeply for them & they for me. Everything I’ve learned about nutrition points to vegan/vegetarianism. As well as the fact that animals are treated so heinously; I wouldn’t dare touch the stuff. Personally, I don’t want to drink milk that came from a cow whose utters have been pumped for so long that puss and other bacteria get into the milk. No thanks. That’s just gross.

Q:  How would you define the skateboarder lifestyle; is there a core philosophy?

A: I wouldn’t be able to define the skate culture. Those guys & gals are all so different, it would be difficult to stereotype them into one definition.

Q: What qualifies one to get a job as a hip hop blogger?

A: You have to have a passion for the music & keep up with the what’s going on in the hip hop world.

Q:  Who do you think is the next big hip hop star?

A: Azealia Banks, if she isn’t already a star. But there are so many underground artists & people who haven’t had the opportunity to have their music heard yet.

Q:  What is the most annoying trend in hip hop music?

A: I’d say the most annoying aspect is the weird grunting. Yeah. Yeah. Uh. Uh. What’s with that?

Q:  What do you like about living in California?

A: I love the California sunshine, the sandy beaches, the diversity of food, culture & architecture.

Q:  What don’t you like about it?

A: Nothing. It’s awesome.

Q:  What is the best vegan restaurant in California?

A: I try not to go out too much. It gets expensive & I make better food at home. But I visited Loving Hut recently & that was tasty. I also like Thai food, there tends to be a lot of vegan options.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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