An Interview With Writer/Actor J.D. Glasscock

JD Glasscock is a local poet, writer and actor who appears in the short film Out For Buckner. Here is a link to his Facebook page:


Q: What is the Team For Spoken Word?

A: National competition in spoken word or slam poetry has been going on for thirty something years. They hold it once every year with usually teams from over 60 or so cities. It is teams of 4 with a fifth alternate. To make a team you had to be a winner of preliminary slam which put you into the finals of 12 to 15 poets in which the top 5 made the team. A competition usually consists of 3 rounds with 5 judges and your scores are cumulative. It has to be original work and you have a 3:10 time limit with penalties on your score for those that go over.

Q:  What is the difference between a poetry slam and a traditional poetry reading?

A: Poetry slams are much more performance oriented and usually have a higher skill level then most open mics as people know they are being judged.


Q:  A lot of your poetry is critical of Hollywood, yet you live in Los Angeles, what causes the love/hate relationship people have with Hollywood?

A: Hmm, some pieces are but Ii believe you only looked into the first few pages of one of my books and I believe those first few pieces fall into that category. Personally I am against nepotism and such in any forum I find it in. I believe people should be given opportunities based on skill and merit.

Q:  What is your most disturbing Hollywood story?

A: Don’t really have any. I believe sometimes the egos that insecure people in this industry throw out and force others to deal with are difficult. Many in this industry seemed to have skipped the child hood lessons of respect and courtesy and too much elitism goes on for my tastes. The opposite as well though. I worked with Clint Eastwood and he walked up to everyone regardless of position and said “Hi, my name is Clint, thanks for working for me.” A beautiful person.

Q:  What interested you about “Out for Buckner”?

A: It was a friend of mine’s project and I like to support people in their aspirations.

Q:  What kind of day jobs have you had and how have they influenced your writing?

A: I have been writing and performing for 22 yrs, most of that spent as a waiter/bartender to eek a living out while I pursued my music and writing. I moved to Los Angeles 3 yrs ago to finally pursue my aspirations as a screen writer/lyricist/actor and some day Director. I currently make a living in acting.

Q:  You have nine self published books. If I only have time t read one of them which one should I read and why?

A: All of them are of equal skill. I do not put out anything less. You can find them on under my name,

Q:  Who are some of your creative influences?

A: I have many. Poetry — Yeats, Rimbaud, Poe Music — Doors, Marley, Ozzie, Eagles, Steve Miller Directing/Script Writing — Lynch, Tarentino, Guillium

Q:  Why have you decided not to submit your writing anywhere?

A: I am starting to now(Film scripts) But through my career I chose not to till I had access to major movers. Personally I felt it a waste to submit to small publishing houses/productions etc as most likely they would own my product and it would go nowhere and the product would be burned. I always had faith that I would get where I am going. In addition as far as film, I write High Concept, High Imagination, larger budget material.

Q:  What can we do about Hollywood racism, sexism and looksism?

A: I think the only viable solution is to make it in your own art with great success then show by example that a better business model is to hire based on merit, and skill, not nepotism.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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