An Interview With Artist Bobby Oyawusi

Bobby Oyawusi is a commercial artist who works in many mediums. Here is a link to his website:
Q: What experiences in your life inspired you to be an artist?

A: I think my life as a whole, people I’ve met, events, things that I have seen and remember inspire me. I like to take things from my past and in many times use these memories to produce an all new concept, other times to explain things.

Q: What do you hope to express though your art?

A: I hope to express or show my creativity, I have a lot of projects to get done. This all will lead up to producing/ writing music and movies among other things. If you are somewhat impressed by what you have seen thus far my future project will blow you away.

Q: What kind of training have you had?

A: I think that is one of my biggest hurdles, I haven’t had much of an art education. I do follow a lot of current artists both those who are established and the others you may hear a little blurb about here and there like myself. I hope this shows that I have raw talent, I’m also happy with the way things played out I’m not really influenced by anything but my own thoughts.
Q: What is the “Cut Your Losers” series about?

A: I don’t remember how it exactly came to me but I am pretty sure that I was watching a Robert Downey Jr. movie and then Mike Vick’s 2nd hundred million dollar contract was being talked about and I made the connection. So I looked into a couple of other celebrities who had a similar backgrounds. I am a big Street fighter fan so the “continue countdown” pose , after you lose a round and get a chance to come back and fight again, was something I always remembered. The whole project was at the forefront suppose to be an inspiration to me and others who are striving for success. These people rose to the very top and fell only to rise again, surely we could do it once.
Q: Who are some of your artistic influences?

A: I do not really have many influence but I do like several artists like Kaws, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Murakami, Koons and Warhol. Mostly because I see similarities with things I want to do and works they have already done. I did however use Shepard Fairey’s color scheme for a project. “We are all Label Whores”. I also used a pose from Andy Warhol’s 15 second video of a man receiving a blowjob in an alley.
Q: What is your weirdest work story?

A: I guess my weirdest work story has to be with the Wall st bull project “I’ll bullshift” which is a project that I wanted to be the first stage of the Wall Street Bull turning into a Lamborghini Aventador. Reason being is that the Wall Street Bull and the raging bull (Lamborghini emblem) share the exact same pose as well as both are symbols of wealth and success. Anyway I finished the project and I wanted to display the final photo but the protesters for the 99% people were rallying around the bull and I was up there looking very suspicious. The police were looking very nervous so I did not get to display the photo there.
Q: What was the greatest commercial art campaign you have ever seen?

A: I think there were several commercial campaigns that were really good. The snickers commercials with the viking king and other characters, the new direct TV campaign with the transition campaign ” don’t get caught watching a mob hit”, and the mayhem commercials are very good.
Q: What was your greatest professional triumph?

A: My greatest professional triumph I think was getting the Wall St project done, there was a tight budget I had to work with a sculptor a photographer and a graphic artist. Not to mention many people said it wouldn’t be possible to do, I feel like it was very authentic and other artists/ people have more of an appreciation when they find out that it was an actual photo.
Q: What was your greatest professional disappointment?

A: My greatest disappointment is that after the shows and all of the new ideas and concepts I am still not working in a creative field ,Nike? Reebok? Goodby Silverstein?
Q: How can a commercial artist be successful while maintaining his artistic integrity?

A: I think this is a question every artist deals with, luckily today doing a deal to design Heineken bottles or exclusive Nikes or an ad campaign for Pepsi doesn’t make you a sellout it solidifies you. This is what one of my favorite artists, Kaws, has done he was a graffiti artist and now he makes everything from belts to IPhone cases to mouse pads.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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