An Interview with Political Blogger Deborah Corey

Deborah Corey is a conservative political blogger. Here is a link to her website:



Q: What made you want to start a political blog?
A: Ha! Oh such a simple question with such a complex and long answer! Back in 2004, a small scandal rocked Washington, DC. A young woman named Jessica Cutler became famous for writing up a blog (intended for her friends) called The Washingtonnienne which was about of all things – her sex life with several influential, rich or powerful men in town.  And yes, she was paid for sex at times. Some of the men were coworkers, some were in the Bush Administration, some were married, some were single, some were Democrats and some of them were Republicans. She worked for Sen. Mike Dewine (R) from Ohio at the time the scandal broke (was fired soon afterwards) and I happened to have a friend that worked in that office at the time. So, the whole scandal was very in my face and something that I paid attention to in town.
Ms. Cutler was a self described Independent, not a Republican, she had worked for Sen. Joe Lieberman before going to Dewine’s office where she worked in the most basic position – the mail room. And in fact, the sex scandal/blog affair never would have become public if Ana Marie Cox who was working for The Wonkette at the time hadn’t decoded Ms. Cutler’s blog. (All the names of her partners were coded to protect their identity.) After Ms. Cox blew up the names of the men on the blog – that was when some lives fell apart in grand old Washington, DC.

Ironically, Ana Marie Cox probably benefited more from the whole debacle than anyone. I’m pretty sure none of the men involved were very thrilled, except for maybe an intern, ha! But I digress. The point is Ms. Cutler became famous for writing a blog about her sex life, there was nothing clever or funny about any of it. And I had always wanted to be a writer – my whole life from the time I was a child – I loved stories. I’m a very creative person, passionate, thoughtful and involved in the world around me. I’ve got a whole collection of poetry, a few books and oodles of ideas that I have produced. And politics is a favorite topic of mine.

I thought if this Cutler woman can write a blog about sex of all things in Washington, DC – I will do one better. I will write – I will blog about politics, culture and my life experiences. I will be witty and smart – I will show the world that a female can produce a political blog with class. My first blog was Confessions of a Red Head in 2004, next Iran apolitical team blog aimed at the 2008 election called The Polireport and finallyI settled intorunning my own blog at back in 2010. Each blog has gained more traffic; my audience has grown and followed me to each new site. The current blog has received up to 376,000 hits a month and it’s changed my life for better or worse.

Q:  Why are you opposed to Obamacare?

A: I am opposed to Obamacare because it interferes with the rights of the states and individuals to choose their own health care plans. Right now many states are involved in a fight to maintain their distinct rights and privileges apart from the Federal government. The independent nature of the states is important to maintaining the democracy of the U.S and a republic.

Obamacare means a lot of new taxes and regulations that will limit economic opportunities (jobs). And it’s always women and minority groups that feel these losses the most. Many employers will stop offering insurance as a result. Doctors are going to get to chose between living in states that take part in Obamacare and living in states that are more free market oriented with less frightening regulation. Guess where all the good doctors will go as a result of this legislation?

Of course health care is expensive in the U.S. and that is actually a result of the fact that health insurance has superficially inflated the market costs of everything from basic care to major procedures. Make no mistake, I realize health care is important in people’s lives and it’s extremely important to me personally which is why the idea of the government being involved upsets me.

Liberty is the most important gift the American people have and it really worries me that so many women, especially, are happy to trade their freedom away on this issue. American women talk a big game about being independent from men and taking care of themselves, but they seem all too happy to look for someone else (the government) to take the lead.

A quick look at socialized health care in other countries shows that the treatment and care is poor in comparison to what we have had in the U.S. Furthermore, I think Americans have a fantasy that they can get the same great health care system that we have now with the government in charge and that is just not how life works.

I’ve been up and I’ve been down in this life and I can attest to the fact that no one will take care of you on this earth in the same way that YOU can take care of yourself.

Q:  Why do you think President Obama won?

A: President Obama used a great microstrategy for targeting voter districts that the GOP failed to recognize. In the end, a candidate can be the most stable, kind, gracious and intelligent manager – but if that person fails to get out the vote – to mobilize voters on the ground – the rest doesn’t matter.

Additionally, I met Mitt Romney back in 2007 as a volunteer at CPAC and found him to be an intelligent, gracious and kind just from a short meeting.  Other people that I know personally have testified that he has great management skills which, is why I was a supporter. He is someone who has relied on empirical data and strong management skills to get jobs accomplished – this is very different from our typical presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle. That mindset and those skills were lost on the American people when it came to the macro side of the election issues.

As for the results of this election, Mitt Romney came close, 3 million votes close to Obama, closer than McCain in 2008. And Mitt Romney had the popular vote in most of the country on election night up until the votes for the far western part of the country were counted. The president also lost young voters by 11 points – they swung away from him in the election. It’s pretty clear that Obama won the Electoral College and he should be congratulated on that fact. But, Obama doesn’t have a mandate this time around.


Q:  Many conservatives say they are Christian in what ways are the teachings of Christ consistent with capitalism?

A: Touche! I often find the immediate jump to the topic of Christianity by the media and liberals on the issue of conservatism to be interesting – in fact there are a lot of conservatives who are not Christian, but practice other faiths or don’t believe in God at all. However since you asked, the bible has many examples of times where the government – through tax collectors, tax collection or big government impeded on the lives of Christians as well as people in the old and new testaments.

Personally, this writer always enjoyed the story of Lydia, a seller of purple cloth who was baptized by Paul. She was clearly a small businesswoman and an early example of a capitalist.

Q:  What kind of jobs have you had in your life and how have they influenced your political views?

A: I think every job I have had from working in retail; to writing for publications to doing public relations work has reminded me of the importance of a hard earned dollar. Private sector work revolves around and is affected by regulations from the government. Higher taxes, more regulations all affect the amount of work available, the number of jobs and even how much employees get paid.

As someone who has struggled in a metropolitan area, I know the meaning of a dollar and how much even $50 counts for families and individuals.

Q:  What is the most common misconception about Washington, DC?

A: The most common misconception, due to Hollywood, is that the Senators and Representatives have these fabulous LARGE grandiose offices. Fact of the matter is that most of the time the Chief of Staff is sharing a cubicle with the Office Manager and the rest of the staff are working in tiny cubicles sometimes – most often in the one large room.

Q:   If you could ask President Obama one question what would it be?

A: When are you going to fully explain what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012?

Q:  What is your strangest work story?

A: I think my strangest work story is actually the weird letters I get from fans. I have a greenie following from a paper I wrote several years ago criticizing Al Gore. Apparently, a lot of environmentalists don’t like him either. The greenies send me some weird letters, even now all these years later.

Q:  Who are your political heroes and why?

A: I’ve always admired politicians like Sen. Chuck Grassley from Iowa. He has stuck to his principles of fiscal conservatism no matter who the president was at the time. He never changes whether the President Clinton, President Bush or President Obama is in office. And I’m really excited about having Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) as head of the Republican House Conference.

Q:  What is your dream ticket for 2016?

A: That’s a tough question to answer because the field is so wide open right now as Republicans try to figure out how to move forward. I think Gov. Bobby Jindal from Louisiana would be excellent, Sen. Marco Rubio could certainly rev up strong support and Sen. Rand Paul has Ron Paul’s supporters behind him. Don’t discount Rep. Paul Ryan either for the position of president or vice president. Finally, this writer has always liked Condoleezza Rice, if she would WANT to take on either position – she would have a lot of support as well.

One can’t really name who should have what position or whether some new bright star will burst out of this challenging time for the party. We’ve got a long ways to go before things are clear enough to name those positions and much of who rises out of this time will have to do with the things to come.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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