An Interview With Actor Carl Greene


Carl Greene is a Las Vegas based actor who stars in the film Piper’s World. He is also the star of the Kickstarter promotional video for my play Wage. Here is a link to the video:

What made you want to become an actor?

A: I had always wanted to be an actor but I was just always occupied with sports and school. In 2011, my team and I won the 2011 NJCAA men’s cross country national championship. With my new-found confidence and belief that I can do anything i want, I decided to stop running and follow my acting and music career.

Q:  What is your strangest show biz story?

A: I have had many strange show biz stories such as broken cameras, people hurting themselves, and tons of bloopers, but my craziest story is while I was filming Piper’s World within the same week and a half we had crew get stuck in an elevator, had a camera break, the director’s car was broken into while eating after a long day of filming, and lastly a petroleum factory exploded when we were filming only 2 miles away.

Q:  Why should people fund the play Wage?

A: People should fund the play Wage because it is a play like no one has ever seen. It is creative, interesting, and is sure to be very entertaining. I look forward to it.

Q:  What other gigs have you gotten through Craigslist?


A: I have gotten many acting jobs through online sources and have had no problem with them. They are always reputable and awesome productions which I was happy to be a part of.

Q:  What is Piper’s World about?


A: Piper’s World is an awesome movie about a girl named Piper who grows as a normal, helpful girl who just had different views on life. Piper’s mother dropped her off at the local shelter when she was just a baby and the man who raised her is a man that happened to be working at the shelter and decided to take Piper in and raise her as if she was his own child. Since Piper was raised as an adopted child, and is aware of the story of her adoption and she feels for the shelter girls and now works at the local shelter. The premise of the movie is that Piper feels like the shelter girls deserve a real prom so throughout the movie she battles the school board and students in her class in order to get these girls into prom. If that wasn’t enough, throughout the movie Piper and Tyler(my character) have a complicated love interest which unravels throughout the movie. The movie will be released in 2013 and is sure to bring some buzz along with many Piper’s World fans. Everyone should definitely check it out!

Q:  What makes you fameworthy.

A: I honestly believe I am fame worthy because through everything I have been through I have realized that every opportunity is a good one and should be taken. I literally spend everyday working on my acting techniques along with writing and recording music. I am very ambitious and I always try to go the extra mile.

Q: Would you rather play a stripper or a burn victim.

A: I would love to play both, heck why not play both at the same time? How does a burn victim stripper sound haha? I enjoy being diverse and taking any role providing that I know I can do it justice.


Q:  What has your biggest triumph been as an actor?

A: I don’t think I necessarily have a main triumph yet. I mean nailing an audition and getting the role is always a great feeling, but no matter how the audition goes I am thankful everyday that I am blessed enough to hold on to my ambitions and be able to follow my dreams, that and that alone to me is triumphant.

Q:  What was your biggest disappointment?

A: I think throughout a career everyone has many disappointments but my biggest disappointment by far is very silly but i have always wanted to be Robin in the new release of the Batman movie. In this last Batman movie Robin was revealed which crushed my childhood dream. As child-like as that is, I think everyone needs to hold on to their childhood dreams too.

Q:  What do you like about living in Las Vegas?

A: I love living in Las Vegas. The weather is perfect, the people are great, and the show biz side of it is rising.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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