An Interview With Actress Jesyka Noelle


 Jesyka Noelle is a former dancer and aspiring actress who recently appeared in the web series The Creepy Guy. Here is a link to her website.


Q:  What made you interested in acting?

A: There was actually quite a few reasons. In a few questions you ask about my life, and I’m going to have to say that my life’s experiences are at least half the reason. Not that any certain experiences stand out as saying, “Hey! I should act!” but, you know how when bad things happen to you, you always ask, “Why me? Why did this happen to me?” Well, after 22 years, I think I answered it. Not to say that it took that long to decide I wanted to do this, because there are even pictures of me in a modeling pose at 3 years old in a bathing suit, but that in sitting down and thinking, for hours, and during my healing drive to California, I decided, “You know what? These things happened to me to teach me. So I can learn and experience. Because all these stories written in Hollywood, they aren’t stories to me. And I now have the emotional range to express them, and to portray the raw emotion to an audience and bring that story to life.” So I guess to answer your question, it was a bit of middle school theater, a bit of being a character in general, a bit of loving to entertain people and hear them laugh, a great portion of my life experiences, and the rest being that I fully believe that once you have a big face, you get a big voice, and with a big voice, you can make a lot of change. And I’d love to try and help change the world for the better.

Q:  Do you think your career as a dancer will ultimately help you or hurt you in Hollywood?

A: Well, it could honestly go two different ways, but I think ultimately it will help. Not saying that at first it may not hinder me, because people look down on that in general. But I think once I’m given the chance to explain the circumstances, such as, I was a single mother of 2 young children, studying in med school and had no family support and their father was incarcerated. I didn’t have the time to work a day job being in school, and homework took my evening, I decided I’d rather lose sleep to keep our townhouse for them than to end up who knows where. My first job always remains as a mother and that was more important to me. So I think if I remain honest and sincere about it, and considering it was never nude, and I refuse to dance ever again, I feel that people may be able to accept or excuse that factor. Which would then only leave it beneficial in my mind, because I was able to learn to work with many different types, and well as learn each individual customer and project what they were there to see. I played many characters and did a lot of charming and Improv. I feel like a good portion of that job was acting, so let’s mark it as practice.

Q: You say on your blog that your experiences in life are similar to a Lifetime movie; what are some examples?

A: Haha, oh man. This is digging dirt. Well, it kind of all started at ten. Until then I thought my life was perfect. Even with divorced parents. But at ten I went to stay with my great uncle, and he molested me. From there it was an all out war. Most of my family chose to deny this and I was marked at a problem child. They sent me back to my mother and stepfather, without telling them, but I thought they knew. They thought I was a problem child. They cracked down, and I thought I was being punished for it. Turned into a power struggle and constant bouncing between parents, and a bit of running away. I was raped at 14, and when that came out, because it was a boy from my school, my past came up, and my family insisted I was lying. I ended up leaving my home at 15 from the continuous abuse, only to discover sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Just kidding. But seriously, growing up on the streets of South DC wasn’t pretty. I was caught at 16, and sent to Juvy. They tried to counsel us back into the home but it didn’t work. My last day with a parent was November 1, 2006. I can remember the day I left. Oddly enough my closest friends all supported it, and when the interrogated people at my high school, every single on of my friends, didn’t utter a word. From there I met the father of my children, at three weeks short of 17. I got pregnant that next September. From the day I told him it was abusive. I mean, I turned into a punching bag. His friends that we lived with and him would get drunk, and it almost became a past time, kicking my butt. I ended up in the hospital once or twice, and had our daughter early, Delilah Madison. I dealt with a cancerous tumor her pregnancy and after a biopsy following her birth, was told I’d have no more, and to deal with my painful symptoms, was issued many hormone and medicines. Well, on birth control, I conceived Chloe Annaliese. My little miracle. So I leave their father for his drug involvement. Two weeks later, he’s jailed. I move to NC, have Chloe, start school. He gets out a month after I break it off with him, a year into his sentence. It took that long for me to realize that the abuse was wrong and I didn’t need him. He moves back into drugs states away, I start school. I end up dancing a couple months later, ends aren’t meeting, I tried an eBay store, telemarketing on the side. Finally I gave in, and the money? Addictive. I leave school after finding out I need surgery for my cervical issues. I move to Myrtle Beach, get a 3 bedroom house and dance to support them. I remember a week before Thanksgiving a year ago, I got a call from the jail, their father was back in. I go there, find out he was involved with my ex best friend in the drug case, her ex husband and I grieve over this, and then, I think over the emotional toil, we ended up bonding. We move together to Myrtle. Suddenly, this past April, I find out horrific things were happening to my kids from him while I was working. And there is even more in between. I could count at least 5 movies, but for the sake of Hollywood, it may turn into ten. I’m not proud of any of it, and I regret things I wish I could change, but I just try to learn and become stronger and better.


Q: What do you miss about Las Vegas.

A: Oh man! Las Vegas was like an adult Disneyworld! No seriously, Vegas is amazing, from the shows, to the people, to the pools to the casinos. Which are my favorite. My friends would always just check BlackJack tables when I went missing. And here is where I’ve got to say thank you to the friends I made in Vegas and all the hospitality they provided! I love you Ricky, Sergey, Margarita, Peter, Pennell & Lacey! Hope to see you soon. But honestly, if you’ve not been; go. It’s a blast, and the people there are so great, and love to meet newcomers.

Q: What do you like about LA?

A: Well, honestly this I could write endlessly about, but I know I’m writing insane amounts already, so I’ll try and go easy. LA is the place where dreams come true if you have the heart. I love this place. It’s so diverse, so promising. It’s beautiful in it’s own way, it’s traffic you love to hate, it’s got mini countries all over the city, there is a place for everyone, somewhere in LA. It’s one of a kind, and it’s that place that once you arrive, you know if it’s meant to be and you never want to leave.

Q:  What don’t you like about it?

A: I think the one thing I have to point out would be the level of superficiality here. That’s the only thing. It’s seems fake gets farther. But I’m here to rock the boat, so we’ll see.

Q:  To what method of acting do you ascribe?

A:  I think if I had to pick the one to which I related most, it’d be Misner. But I am actually quite unique in my acting techniques from what I’ve been told. I think it’s very beneficial to me to play roles that are relatable, and oddly enough, nine times out of ten, I can relate to that character from one point in my life to another.

Q:  What is your wildest work story?

A:   I really don’t have one. I had a negative run in with Ashley Benson (I think) from Pretty Little Liars on set. And I partied with Ace Hood and the Pre$ident, that was fun.

Q:  Who are some of your acting influences?

A: Honestly I absolutely adore and admire Kristen Stewart. She is so raw and sincere in her emotions and portrayals. I admire every role she’s played. After that I’d have to choose Dakota Fanning and Angelina Jolie. They all play very real yet powerful and controversial roles often.


Q:  What role could you have nailed?

A: I think Kristen Stewart in Runaways. Maybe even Anna Faris in Scary Movie, because I love the crazy comedy. Possibly Mila’s role in Black Swan. Anything very powerful and emotional I believe.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



3 thoughts on “An Interview With Actress Jesyka Noelle

  1. This is a bunch of S—. If you really knew this person, you would know everything she says, is a bunch of lies.She was one of the biggest druggies in northern Virginia. She left Virginia because social service’s was looking for her.She lost custody of her children. Everything she says about her susposely ex-boy friend is a big lie. She would take him back in a heart beat. Any trouble he got into, was because of her. She is such a drama queen, and would take you down in a heart beat. Watch out! she will real you in.

  2. Everyone has a history and never really wants to share it. Who are we to judge them? If someone has a bad history but, is trying hard to better themselves then the past stays in the past. Myself, I never talk about my past. Good or bad, it’s in the past so that’s where it stays.

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