An Interview With Conservative Blogger Stephen Beadencup


Stephen Beadencup is Co-Founder and Editor of 1-800-Politics. Here is a link to his website:

Q: What inspired you to start a political blog?

A: I have always been one to discuss and debate politics with friends, family and co-workers. Leading up to the election the political debates at work were getting pretty intense. I consider myself a Reagan conservative and I was really the only vocal supporter of Mitt Romney in the office and I was outnumbered by Obama supporters on a daily basis. Somewhere along the line during the heated exchanges my co-worker/friend/committed liberal Antonio Tizol and I came up with the idea to launch a political website/blog where we would present all sides of the argument. Our vision was to provide an equal amount of conservative and liberal content. Tizol and I figured if we are going to debate so much we might as well do something positive with it and that is how we came up with 1-800-Politics.

Q: What makes your blog different from other political blogs?

A: What makes our blog different is that 1-800-Politics is providing both sides of the argument. We’re not just preaching to choir like many political sites do, we are trying to challenge our audience by presenting arguments from both the conservative and liberal perspective. At 1-800-Politics all political perspectives are welcomed.

Q: Who are the bloggers that you believe had the biggest influence on this presidential election? (why)

A: I’m not sure exactly which individual bloggers had the biggest influence, but as a whole there were many left-wing websites like Media Matters,, DailyKos and Huffington Post that controlled the narrative and drove the daily news cycle. They basically funneled their liberal agenda through the mainstream media and provided people like Rachel Maddow, Soledad O’Brien and Martin Bashir with their talking points. Day after day you had commentators from the “Big Three”, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and NPR working as Obama’s press secretaries. You also had Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the tank for Obama and influencing voters. People, especially young people think they are getting their hard news from Jon Stewart, sad…

Q: What philosophical beliefs make someone a conservative?

A: Personally I believe Conservatives see life in black and white and little grey area. There is right and wrong and most of the time it’s pretty obvious, just use common sense. Conservatives put more emphasis on rule of law, religion, God, the traditional structure of the family and traditional values. I think the conservative philosophy is simple: if you play by the rules, get an education and work hard for the most part things will go your way.

Q: How well do you think the Republican Party represents those beliefs?

A: I think the Republican Party is slipping a bit. The Republican Party is what the Democrats were 25 years ago. The Tea Party does a better job representing conservative philosophy.

Q: What philosophical beliefs make someone a liberal?

A: I’m sure I’ll take a lot of heat for this, but I think liberals have a lot less conviction than conservatives and it’s basically an anything goes mentality. Liberals have erased the line between right and wrong in the name of fairness and tolerance.

Q: How well do you think the Democratic Party represents those beliefs?

A: The Democrats do a great job of representing what I believe their philosophy is. The Democratic Party panders to the lowest common denominator in society. They believe the only way one group can get ahead is by taking from another group. Winston Churchill had a great quote about Socialism and I think it applies to modern Liberalism just as well and Mr. Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Q: Do you think the mainstream media or the internet media has more influence on politics overall?

A: I think the internet media has more influence now because like I said earlier the mainstream media outlets are getting their talking points from the internet media. Sites like Drudge and Huffington Post are driving the news cycle and control the narrative.

Q: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would it be?

A: Name one country in history that taxed them selves into prosperity?

Q: What was the most surprising thing that happened in this year’s election?

A: That the majority of voters decided that four more years of 8% unemployment, record deficits, job killing taxes and record number of people on food stamps was good enough.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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