An Interview Model and Fashion Stylist Jordan Anthony Swain

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Jordan Anthony Swain is a model and fashion stylist. Here is a link to his website:


Q: What made you interested in fashion?

A: Thanks for having me today!
I was first interested in fashion when in high school I got bit by the modeling bug.
Shortly after graduating in 2009, I made the move to Los Angeles to begin my career in modeling.
From there I studied keenly what fashion meant to our society as a whole. I was intrigued by its innate ability to transcend cultural boundaries and continents, how certain designers would leave contributions and shape the lives of millions.

Q:  What qualities make someone a good designer?

A: I look at fashion design as an art form. When in the process of creating, a designer adds their own unique inspirations, cultural influences, and style into their work. That being said what makes a good designer great to you, may be boring to me and vice versa. At the most fundamental level, a good designer must have a clear and concise vision. They must know how to blend eclectic shapes, colors, patterns, fabrics, and techniques into their work to see this vision through. They must also be courageous enough to push boundaries in their work, and set themselves out from the crowd. Alexander McQueen is a great example of this.

Q:  Why are people so interested in fashion?

A: I feel people are so interested in fashion for a variety of reasons. For one, what you wear typically says a lot about your being. From out undergarments to the shoes we wear- they all add a distinct energy to our being. Some people love fashion for more pretentious reasons, whether it’s to show economic status, a position of power or so on. Personal style. Says a lot about who we are, and many want to make sure they are conveying the right message.

Q:  You do not use fur or leather in your designs, what are the best alternative fabrics to fur and leather?

A: Nowadays I feel like many our society is coming more conscious about our planet, nature and the decisions we make.
I do not design, but style. When pulling wardrobe for a shoot, I’ve been surprised at how well alternative fabrics have translated in photos.

Q:  Who are you favorite designers?
A: Wow that’s a tough one- especially because I am discovering more and more by the day! I really love the works of Alexander McQueen. From his choices of fabrics, to the way he utilizes unique shapes and cuts. Another is Salvatorre Ferragamo. I appreciate how classic his designs are. Calvin Klein. I also have had the pleasure to do some great work with Ximena Valero who is one of the most genuine and hardworking people I’ve met. Her versatility and range makes her unique, including her transformable dresses. French couturier Lloyd Clein is also amongst my list of favorites.

Q: Who are your least favorite designers?
A: No one in particular comes to mind as far this question goes, but I will say that I have a strong dislike for for anyone who doesn’t challenge themselves and their collections. When pulling wardrobe from showrooms, I can easily bypass pieces that fall along the lines of the ordinary.

Q: What is your strangest work story?

A: I once did a job for an unnamed international client, that hired me as both a stylist and creative director. They unknowingly sent me a storyboard that had a lot of my work from previous shoots, including an editorial. They basically wanted to hire me to recreate my own work for their upcoming campaign, which I of course declined. Though they were paying a great rate, I didn’t want to stifle or stagnate myself as an artist, nor did I want to set such a precedent for my growing company.

Q:  What’s the best fashion trend you have ever seen?
A: To be honest, for my personal style I truly am not a trendy person. I do love how people are recycling vintage cuts and patterns and actual pieces into their wardrobe.

Q:  What is the most unfortunate fashion trend you have

A: I remember being back in high school and seeing on the news that one of the latest trends for woman was to wear thongs and have the strings showing above their waistlines, with jeans sagged kind of low. Remember that?!

Q: What celebrity has the best style?

A: There are so many stylish celebrities it’s hard to name. Amongst my list of favorites are the styles of Victoria Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Ed Westwick, Janet Jackson, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, and Gwen Stefani.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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