An Interview With Swag Twin Matthew Harris


Matthew Harris and Mark Harris are known as The Swag Twins. They own Wow Creations Media which is a company that hosts gifting suites; here is a link to the website:

Q: What is a gifting suite?

A: A marketing and promotional opportunity to provide a clients brand and product line to invited celebrity guests.

Q: How do you go about procuring items for a gift bag?

A: Many companies contact us, or its up for grabs, where it’s a marketing opportunity that any company, product line and brand can participate in, so we are always looking and searching for new brands.

Q: What is the most unusual item you have ever put in a gift bag

A: A piece of the Empire state building from a company called Empire rocks.

Q: What is your greatest PR success story?

A: HMM, Tough question, pr success for ourselves or our clients, as our clients have received many success stories over the years, and as far as we are concerned its tough to say as well. Pr and public relations I would say us being seen on Storage Wars, as once our first episode aired with us on for about 3-4 minutes, the next day the phone started ringing, the emails starting coming in then 2-3 different opportunities, so we would have to say our three minutes of fame on Storage wars has been our biggest PR Story.

Q: What was your greatest PR disappointment?


Q: Once you give a celebrity free stuff how do you make sure they keep it and use it in public?

A: We don’t, and we can’t~ Once the celebrity gets gifted, we only hope that he or she uses, it, as they are not obligated to do so, however they do spend the time to attend our events and get gifted so we hope they use it.

Q: How did you get on storage wars?

A: Last year while Mark was judging the Miss California USA Pageant in Palm Springs, he met the Vice president of Development for Storage wars, liked the two of us together and bam!

Q: Without mentioning any names what is your most difficult diva story?

A: At our last Emmys gifting suite, we had an invited actress enter the lounge and as soon as she stepped off the elevator she was asking if we had photographers there? Then she asked for not one gift bag, but two, and asked to be chaperoned by two to hold both her gift bags.

Q: How did you two get into the gifting business?

A: Years ago when we saw how the gifting industry was growing and expanding, about the same time that the OSCARS stopped their official gift bags to all the nominees, we gave it some thought and said, hey, its not rocket science, and we could probably do the same thing, so after two years of struggling, we finally got it going and bam, boom, WOW creations was on track to be one of the five families of gifting.

Q: You’re twins; have you ever switched identities and if so, what happened?

A: People tend to ask us that all the time, however I’m sorry to say, never switched and never even thought about it.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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