An Interview With Public Relations Specialist Joseph Benjamin


Joseph Benjamin is the owner of Sassy Public Relations, a firm dedicate to promoting those in the fashion industry; here is a link to his website:

Q:  What made you interested in doing PR for people in the fashion industry?


A: Honestly from watching The Hill’s, that is what spark my interest in fashion. I still had no idea what exactly I wanted to do in fashion.

Q:  Who are some of your favorite designers?

A:  Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer; I feel he is one of the very few designer that design from his heart, well when he was still alive.

Q:  Why should my readers hire your company?

A:  I specialize in helping emerging designers. Branding is key element in the success of any brand. We build your brand from the ground up, and then we publicize your brand to the right media outlets.

Q: Why should I care about clothes?

A: That is complete up to you. My love of clothes comes from understand people and their patterns. I honestly do feel that they we people dress usually represents who they are in some way.

Q:  What is the biggest change you have seen in the fashion industry in the last ten years?

A: Front row crasher, I have guarded front row seats at fashion shows because people will just take a seat or take the gift for the editors.

Q: When I was in college in the nineties I was the Vice President Of SETA (like PETA for students). We thought we had made great progress in making fur unfashionable many celebrities joined our cause and we were sure fur was dead. Slowly but surely if began to regain popularity. Considering all the less cruel, better smelling, less expensive options; why do you think fur is still popular?

A: I honestly have no idea I don’t think anyone should wear fur.


Q: What do you think was the best Oscar dress ever?


A. Julia Roberts made waves when she stepped on stage to receive her Oscar in 2001, and not simply because her dress was so beautiful. The actress eschewed the standard award ceremony practice for custom-made, never-seen-before gowns, in favor of this vintage Valentino masterpiece from 1982

Q:  What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry?

A: I would like to see more support for emerging designers.

 Q:  What was the best fashion campaign you have ever seen?

A: Alexander Wang, his first campaign was amazing. His entire brand was created by him making one sweater.

Q: Take us through the process of promoting an unknown designer?

A: I start by getting to know the designer, their goal for the brand and where they see themselves in the next few years. Once all this is establish we make a plan of action. The branding process starts right away, Creating a website, Look Book, Press kits, allowing stylist to pull clothes. The Look book will be sent to all the major fashion publications and socialites, bloggers. Now you are a known designer to the correct people. Now it’s time for your big show, we invite only editor from publications we feel will make your brand shine.

lease note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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