An Interview With Actor Robert Hatfield


Robert Hatfield is an actor who is a member of The Table Improv; here is a link to his website:


Q: What made you want to become an actor?
A: I was a class clown and my high school English teacher recommended that I get into acting. My classmates would duct tape me to the side of a portable classroom and we would put thumb tacks in each others seats. I kinda had these different characters I would do back then so people would tell me I would try acting or comedy.
Q: What makes The Table Improv different from other improv groups?
A: We are more video based than live performance. We meet every Friday in Sherman Oaks and brainstorm and sketch and improvise it. It was been so much fun and we get to meet new and talented people each week.
We have recently decided to take a break from The Table Improv and the new group I have formed with Gabriel Land is called “The Improv Illuminati” . We wanna do sketches and short films on The New World Order Conspiracies but add improv comedy into it.
Q: You’re Korean/Irish/British; how has your unique ethnicity helped your career?

 A: Well it has only helped recently with PSY from Korea. I got casted in a Gangnam Style Parody and it was all thanks to PSY. Finally there is a Korean celebrity that I can parody. But now Gangnam Style is getting old and everywhere I go people look at me and start doing the Gangnam Dance.

Q:  How has it hindered your career?

A: It has stopped me from auditioning or being considered for a lot of roles. There isn’t a lot of work available for Asians for acting so I got into hosting as well. That allows me to keep working and keep busy until a good role comes along.

Q: You have several reels; what the key to making a successful reel?
A: The key is get a lot of different material. It’s better to have something than nothing so I would recommending filming your own scenes and cut together something. There was a commercial that I landed that I didn’t even go to the audition but the director still casted me just from my reel. But I have to say that I have booked more stuff since I started my website.

What has been your greatest professional triumph?
A: Just finding myself and trying to be positive in my life. Just be happy to be alive and grateful for everything around me.

Q: What has been your greatest disappointment?
A: Realizing that I have spent a long time out in Los Angeles and wishing i could be with family back on the East Coast.

Q:  What kind of day jobs have you had and how have they influenced you as an artist?

A: I used to work in an office but that taught me more about the behind the scenes of entertainment. I think i just get influenced mainly by the other people that I meet and work with.

Q:  What is the worst advice any one ever gave you about acting?
A: To do every job that comes your way. I almost took this part in a National Lampoon Movie where i would of been seen fully nude. After watching the dvd I was glad that I didn’t do it.

Q:  What is your funniest show biz story?

A: Working as an extra on the Show ER and George Lopez drove by and splashed water all over me.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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