An Interview With Blogger Tara Jones

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Tara Jones is a writer who runs My So Called Blog; here is a link to her site:




Q: What inspired you to start your blog?

A: My sister encouraged me to start writing my blog. She’d always be

like, “You have the most random stories, you should start a blog.”

Some of the stories were pretty entertaining and so after a while of

hearing her saying it,  I sort of started to keep record of my life,

in a way, through my blog.

Q: What makes you funny?

A: From what I’ve seen of good comedy, it’s a lot about observing. When

you’re watching,  most things are a little funny and a little sad.

Observing anything and speaking about it can be funny, but I think

observing the tough stuff and having the guts to speak it becomes

great comedy.  It’s a change in conversation from ,“Ya we can talk

about your lovely curtains but why not talk about the  elephant

blocking the new window treatment .“ Being filter-less can be funny to

other people and sometimes it’s not so funny to them, and then I’m

just alone, slowly uninviting myself to future  events and pool


Q: Why do you think so many people write blogs?

A: When you are a writer, it’s a bug that follows you wherever you go,and

comes out wherever it can. It’s just part of other things, a poem on

the back of a dirty menu, a thought while driving,  maybe note a

conversation between pedestrians or  wake up to write something down.

So for me it’s a love of writing, sprinkled with a degree of

exhibitionism, and the internet is just another place to put that. But

for others I don’t think it’s about the writing process as much as it

is about the public conversation.   We all have a need to connect, to

be validated, to be heard- so I think it’s about community, and

connection, and probably some degree of privilege and ego . Life can

be lonesome, it’s nice to feel like an authority in something ,it’s a

way to bring the party to you -which is good because for a lot of

bloggers don’t get invited to a lot of parties.


Q: What is the overall theme of your blog?


A: I don’t know that my blog has an intentional theme- but probably would

be best described as dark comedy. Always, it’ s about what’s going on

in my life-just in different forms, whether it’s a” How to Tell the

Difference between a Zombie or a Drunken coed” or “How to be a Gold

digger” -The sexy kind, not the pioneer kind- just to clarify.

Q: What kind of day job do you have?

A: Hmm, well I do a bit of everything and have worked a ridiculous amount

of random gigs. My most recent project involved a Wing Girl company

that I helped start and run, which turned into a TV show I am helping

to pitch. I do random Craigslist work…seriously random gigs, from

modeling-to acting- to teaching men pick up, and hypnotherapy. And I

just started bar tending again recently to support my attempt at doing

Stand Up, ideally I’d like to get paid for the stuff I want to do,

writing, comedy and acting….taking offers now, by the way…my

contact info should be on this page.

Q: who are your favorite writers?

A: It’s almost sacrilege to say as a writer, but I’m not much of a

reader. But of the people I do read I’d say  Hesse,  Rhys, Heinlein,

Palahniuk, Salinger, Rilke and most recently, Bukowski. -but I don’tcommit to reading things too often. And why I liked them is all for

different reasons, but commonly because they had something to say and

really knew how to say it.

Q: What makes for an interesting blog?

A: I don’t read  a lot of blogs so I don’t know, but I’d guess finding

creative ways to restate things you already agree with or talking a

lot about a subject a lot without getting boring…Sorry if that’s


 Q: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

A:  No , I don’t think I could fully understand the ramifications of that

claim. I can see why people, looking at my life might assign me that

title though. If most people are honest with themselves they just want

to be sexy and free, but are too afraid- a lot of “mature” acts of

life, like marriage, are anything but and lead to a lot of resentment

about not being able to be more selfish,-so I usually tend not to have

a whole lot of respect for certain things that fall into the

“feminine” world, though really, to me, that has little to do with

gender.  I have a deep respect for the feminine spirit, and I  feel

that the world has way less because of the way in which it’s

undervalued and underutilized it. Men have been mostly running the

show for a long time, so our history has been a couple million years

of dong measuring ceremonies, which is exactly why Obama should just

start walking into Congress naked. Looking at any  “bro’s pad.” is

evidence to what men do in a place with no women around.  It’s a

pissing contest that drowns a lot of people. So there needs to be a

balance.  I’m sure women in charge would look stupid too, so don’t get

your feelings hurt boys, everyone is stupid in their special and

unique way. But at the end of the day, we are all just animals, we

want what we want, and have what we have, we should all allow each

other to own that, without playing too much gender bullshit.

Q: What other kinds of writing do you do?

A: I write a lot of stuff, depending on my mood. Personal narrative,

comedy,  fiction,  I’m working on two novels, in the process of

writing a play, some stand up , even country songs if I’m feeling

down. I’ m actually working on writing material for – which is the comedy website  I’m working on

building. I’m also a journalist, for the art and lifestyle magazine.

I currently write for .


Q: Do you think the internet is making people more narcissistic?

A: The internet can be a very egoic place if we want to use it like that.

Social media basically makes their living catering to the fact, that

to some extent, people create a relationship with their online

identity. Any attachment to that is probably a sign of needing to feel

connected and/or get an ego boost, but I don’t blame all of the

internet for narcissism ,narcissism breeds narcissism, the internet is

just the mic. From my understanding from years of  misusing the

internet- it’s  a giant  place to hold cat videos, a shit ton of

misleading information,  a public soapbox where you get to find out

how shitty and racist a lot of people are , a place to download stuff,

watch stuff, Facebook, porn and then a layer of some really helpful

stuff. So there’s that, but also I think spending too much time on the

internet creates alienation, which creates more of a need for

narcissism.  And that’s maybe a connection. A lot of people are

feeling pretty vulnerable to the future and unimportant because of how

things are going, the internet can act like an amplifier to feeling

scared. But no, I wouldn’t blame the internet, it’ like anything else,

you use it how you want to.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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