An Interview With Actor Shaun Grant


Shaun Grant is an actor who appears in the film No Floodwall Here; here is a link to his IMBD page:

Q: Why acting?

A: As far back as I can remember,I’ve always loved to perform. The reason that I chose acting is because it allows me to elucidate the truth of the human experience while trafficking in the mental& emotional makeup as well. As an actor you develop insight as well as compassion into who people are and how they feel. This not only makes you a greater actor, but a greater individual as well 🙂

Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it inspire your acting?

A: My day job consists of personal training and group fitness. It inspires my acting because it gives me strength,motivation, as well as the ability to empower people through my performance. I also create a character that rivals that of Anthony Robbins when I’m training people lol; and that definitely helps in giving me the allowance to play an enhanced version of myself as I would also do on screen. It’s a lot of fun!

Q: What is No Floodwall Here about?

A: No Floodwall Here is a film about the exploitation of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It highlights fouR of the most prevalent things that so many people dealt with during that time-CORRUPTION,STRUGGLE,DEPRESSION, and HOPE for better days in a desolate situation. It really hit home because I went through the storm and lost everything being a New Orleans Native.

Q: What role did you play?

A: I played Mr. Green, a wealthy publicist who offers one of the characters a book deal as an opportunity to better his situation.

Q: What is your strangest celebrity encounter story?

A: Lol, I was home in New Orleans down in the French Quarter with my friends. So I turned around for a second to acknowledge my friend, and when I turned back I bumped into Wayne Brady. Right after I bumped into him I said to him “WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY” Lol, he laughed we shook hands; I told him I was a fan and it was all good.

Q: Ok, everyone will want to know this; what kind of abdominal exercises have you been doing?

A: 🙂 I really enjoy planks, (TRX) suspended exercises,paddle boarding the most; making sure that I mix it up with a lot of variety. VARIETY is key. I preach it to everyone! I also created a series called “FAST TRACK ABS” and I’m in developments to do a fitness video called the “AB KING” These will consist of a lot of the exercises I’ve had success with that I’ve created. BE ON THE LOOKOUT 🙂

Q: What kind of training have you had?

A: Scene study,script analysis,improv,sense/emotional memory. But ironically, the most important training I’ve had has been in psychology,english literature,creative writing, and public speaking. These are really great for actors in building a stable foundation.

Q: If you could change one thing about Hollywood what would it be?

A: If I could change anything in Hollywood; I would take the time to let everyone know that there is enough for everyone to go around and they should focus more on spreading love, not hate. The more you give the more you get; the more you help,the more you help yourself…Simple is that! 🙂

Q: What has your greatest triumph been so far?

A: My greatest triumph has been the ability to know that I can always be better; because the moment you become content, you lose your edge to be great. Taking the time to approach my life and my craft as a student; has helped me triumph greatly everyday. But if you need to know professionally, Blood Out would be. I landed a lead role in a film filled with some of Hollywood’s most notable stars. I was pretty stoked about that :-))

Q: What was your greatest disappointment?

A: Well I used to get disappointed at the fact that I felt like I should be further along than I was at several times in my life; but after becoming a more spiritual person, it became clear to me that whenever I got stuck or failed it was because there was something else I had to learn in order to move forward. And with a perspective like that, there really hadn’t been any disappointments. When you have the mindset that every failure is only a beginning stage to success, you approach it with enthusiasm.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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