An Interview With Media Personality Anthony Jackson


Anthony Jackson is a “media personality”, who interviews celebrities in his website; here is a link to the site:



Q: What is inthelightTV?

A: InthelightTV is a blog and Media Outlet under Street Life Studios that specializes in topics such as TV/Film, Music, Style and fashion and entertainment news. It also gives artist a platform, who are trying to make it. InthelightTV is new but you should be seeing and hearing a lot more of it very soon.

Q:  How did you first come up with the idea of doing interviews with entertainers?

A:  I love the industry and everything about it. The fact that I can get first hand of what entertainers are thinking, and ask them questions that are real and everyday questions is what got me wanting to do interviews and going behind the scenes. Seeing Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon, Mario Lopez and even Terence Jenkins made me want to do this profession.

Q:  Why do you think people are so fascinated with the profession of acting?

A: Well I think people are fascinated because you can enter into a world that is not real. What I mean is when your acting, your becoming something or someone your not. People are seeing you as that character and not your self. So the fact that you can portray different people and get the audience to actually believe you are that person is really the fascinating part.

Q:  Who was your most challenging interview subject and why?

A: Most Challenging interview Subject was GarriLamont. He is a veteran photographer, based out of NJ and he treats his still pictures like motion pictures. Each movement that he captures has a story. So asking the right question to bring that energy so he can tell his story can sometimes be difficult.

Q:  How do you go about procuring subjects for your site?

A:  I try and see what the latest news is that is out, I have to know for sure that it is truth and not gossip. I do not put gossip out there because they have enough tabloids out there to do that. Anything that is eye catching or I feel should be talked about, I research then I write about it in my own words.

Q: What sort of day job do you have and how does it affect your work as an interviewer?

A: I work at a flower shop with my uncle and it actually does not affect me at all. I work there 3 or 4 days a week, get out earlier then head to Street Life Studio which is my friend and business partner Manny Oliveiras studio.I work there full time. So I am always around the art and people come in there all the time, so I always have new people to interview.

Q: How would you define a “media personality?”

A:  Media Personality to me is someone that’s more than just an interviewer. Media personality is what it says. You have to have personality to engage in the entertainer and get the questions you want out of them. With no personality, they give you basic answers. With personality there comfortable so they expand more on their answers. Media personality is someone who has the ability to interact with entertainers on another level.

Q: What makes someone want to be famous?

A:  People want fame because of how fame portrays itself. People want fame because they see the big houses, they see the red carpet events and the perks that come with it, so they try everything to get into it, Let me just say this if it’s not your passion and you’re doing it for fame, GET OUT OF IT QUICK. Yo

ur doing it for the wrong reasons and it catches up to you. People want what these stars have but do not want to put the work in.

Q: Why New York and not LA?

A: I actually live in NJ, Go New Jersey! lol no but seriously I LOVE New York. I love being here, the four season weather pattern, the people. They say if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. Street Life Studios is in Hoboken NJ which is 5 min away from NYC so until we get another location, which will probably be in LA then I am here. I know to take my acting career to the next next level I might have to move, but for now Ill travel to La and live up here. I Love the east coast!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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