An Interview With Blogger Claudia Pickering

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Claudia Pickering runs the blog thedarclaud which is about her creative endeavors. She is the producer and star of the video The Sebring which stars Danny Trejo. Here is a link to her blog:


Q:  What inspired you to start your blog?

A: As a foreigner (I’m Australian), I was looking for a way to display my work so that I had a record for myself and my friends here and overseas. I felt like a blog was a good way to have my work available without shoving it down my friends’ throats and also a great way to quickly direct new acquaintances to my stuff. And San Francisco being such a tech city, it only felt appropriate. And I wanted business cards. With spot gloss.

Q:  What is your strangest LA story?

A: Although running naked (except for Reeboks) across the desert with my creative partner, Anna just outside of LA to shoot the Dead Broke pilot was a strangely liberating experience… and being asked to clear off the front gates of the Playboy mansion by both the security guard announcing himself through a speaker embedded in a rock and the local police was a highlight…

A favourite evening of mine in LA was one where, after attempting to camp in Malibu last minute with a group of friends and having our plans squashed, we rerouted our camping quest into an urban setting by sleeping in our tents and having a camp fire atop my structurally questionable garage roof in the ‘La Brea canyon‘ aka between a bunch of apartment buildings.

Q: How did Danny Trejo become involved with your video The Sebring?

A: So the full story is somewhere on my blog, but in short, my creative partner and I were just hanging around at Mister Cartoon‘s tattoo studio in downtown LA on Christmas eve eve in 2009 with my grandma’s camcorder. We were covered with fake tattoo’s that we’d drawn on with sharpie pens that we kept on for a second day of shooting by showering with our arms and necks covered in plastic Glad wrap (not helpful by the way). Anyway we were trying to get Cartoon to let us shoot our spoof music video in front of his incredible car collection. He said no. In retrospect, he probably didn’t appreciate the fake tats, although we thought we were being hilarious… Turns out Danny did too who happened to turn up as we were leaving the studio, and agreed to get involved. What a legend.

 Q: What is the biggest cultural difference between Australia and America?

A: Out of the following culture shocks I’ve encountered in USA: Lack of Vegemite, toilets flushing the wrong way, expensive Ugg boots, empirical vs metric, guns, excellent tacos, ‘aluminum’ vs aluminium, ‘theater’ vs theatre, very expensive college, lack of dropbears, tons of homeless people, not having Queen Elizabeth on the coins, having dollar bills instead of coins, earthquakes and tornados vs floods and poisonous everything, pronouncing nougat “noo-git” rather than “noo-gah”, pronouncing the ‘h’ in herb, very, very expensive healthcare, fanny meaning bum instead of lady bits, self-made-man/every man for himself vs. mateship, Yelp being amazing, Pacific Ocean being freezing, non-mandatory voting, driving on the right side….

I’d have to say the biggest difference is the tacos.

Q:  What makes a blog followable?

A: Regular updates that are full of visual nuggets and an interesting written perspective. I’ve heard cats are quite effective in generating a following too.

Q:  What is the most interesting thing about San Francisco?

A: The microcosms and microclimates. Driving across the city is like driving through 30 different cities. When driving across the city, I try to be driving out of it to get to some nearby incredible wilderness for some actual camping. Not just urban camping.

Q:  How do you chose what experiences to write about?

A: They really just fall out of my brain without warning, particularly if I’m working on a project. I try to cull things that might be purely self indulgent in an effort to maintain some level of respect for others who might read it. Sometimes I’m compelled to bring back old projects when my memory’s prompted by experiences in my day.

Q:  What do you think causes blonde, white people in LA to talk like rappers?

A: A deep-rooted desire for delicious street cred. Which I clearly achieved. Right guys? …Guys?

Pretty sure Iggy Azaelia is gonna thank me for being her inspiration when she wins her first MTV award. Not 100% sure, but pretty sure.

Q:  What is Winning Formula about?

A: Here’s the synopsis… it’s about a concise is I can get.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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