An Interview With HOLED-UP Director Montetré


Montetré is the writer and director of the independent film HOLED-UP; here is a link to his website:    

Q:  What is HOLED-UP about?

A:     It’s a dramatic film about a young and troubled actor who uses the rape of an actress to justify his confused feelings by exacting revenge on the director who is responsible for the assault.

Q:  What inspired you to make the movie?

A:  A random and original phrase came to mind one day.  That phrase got stuck in my head.

Q: Why do you think the nature of fame and our response to celebrity is such a popular theme in movies and books these days?

A: Everyone likes a good story.  If it’s a story about someone in the limelight, even better.

Q:   What was the biggest challenge you had in making the film?

 A:   Finding cast and crew.  It takes many people to make a film, and I needed people who believed in my stupid little words.

Q:  What is your oddest on set story?  

A: The lead actress, Laura Brunson, had her purse stolen moments before having to deliver her most heart-wrenching lines of dialogue.  It killed me.

Q:  Why Portland and not Hollywood?  

 A:    I believe in this city.

Q:  What did you look for in a lead actor?  

A:    Especially difficult with a larger cast, it’s important to visualize how the actors will interact.  At one point, you just have to hope that you made the correct decision.  

Q:  What is your own background in film?    

A:   Oh, I just make them.  You say background and all I can think of making movies with my family and friends.  Haha.  It’s been over ten years of work, and a lot of it was wretched!!  Live and learn.

Q:  What would you change about the film industry if you could?  

A:    Finding financing.  It would be easier.

Q:  Who are some of your artistic influences?

 A:    That list would go on forever.  Let’s just say creative souls who are brave enough to show the world a truth that they hold dear, and whose hard work I’m lucky enough to have heard. Anyone who has ever made me laugh… truly laugh.  Anyone who has ever caused me to cry.  I’m listening to Simon & Garfunkel right now.  They’ve done those things for me.  But so do so many people.  They stick their necks out to the entire population, ready to be shamed by us all and yet still, they ask for so very little in return.  Look to your friends for inspiration, whatever you consider a friend to be.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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