An Interview with Brutally Delicious Creator Bruce Moore


Bruce Moore is the creator of the show,  Brutally Delicious which airs on iFoodTV; here is a link to the website:






Q: What gave you the idea for your show?

A: I am the author of two cookbooks, “For Those About To Cook,” and “For Those About To Cook Pure Metal,” both contain pictures, recipes and food anecdotes from musicians of every genre. The show, Brutally Delicious, was just a natural progression for me. I am a passionate metal head as well as a self-proclaimed foodie and this seemed like the best way to combine those passions. Cooking shows are all the rage these days as well so I thought it might be a unique and functional sort of show where bands could talk about their latest projects while cooking a meal. In return the viewer gets a behind the scenes look at the artists far from the stage and instructions on how to make a meal.

Q: Why do you think cooking shows are so popular?

A: I think cooking shows are popular because they allow the viewer the opportunity to learn how to cook fancy meals for a fraction of what it would cost in a high end restaurant. With the economy in the dumper these shows provide the necessary instruction to not only create great meals but also to enjoy them with family and friends.

Q: What is the strangest recipe a rock star has shared with you?

A:  I think the strangest thing we have ever made in the kitchen was Blackguard’s, Pan Omelets Cake. It is basically two pepper and onion omelets sandwiched between two maple bacon pancakes and held together with a red bean, Siracha, garlic sauce. At the end of every episode we have a segment where we sample what we have made and I must tell you I was quite skeptical about giving this one a try; in the end though it turned out to be brutally delicious.

Q: Is there a common theme you have noticed in the taste buds of headbangers?

A: Not sure if it is exclusive to the headbanging community but many of the bands we have cooked with have used some sort of hot pepper sauce or even hot peppers themselves. Of course just about every episode involves copious amounts of beer, either for cooking, drinking or in some cases both.

Q: Could a headbanger be a vegan or would we be considered wimps?

A: We have had quite a few bands and musicians come through that have been vegans and there seems to be no wimpy stigma attached to it at all.

Q: What is the perfect meal to enjoy at the headbangers ball?

A: I think the perfect meal at the headbangers ball would be medium rare steaks; loaded baked potatoes and a nice helping of grilled asparagus.

Q: What makes a cooking show watchable?

A: I think the reason the show is so watchable is that it gives the viewer a unique behind the scenes look at some of their favorite metal artists. People are obsessed with seeing a different side to celebrities and musicians and this fills that niche perfectly. I like to say that for a brief moment the musicians have traded in their drums and guitars for spatulas and ladles.

Q: Who are some upcoming guests we can look forward to seeing?

A: Bonded By Blood, Psycroptic and Soil have all signed on to film in the next month and we are constantly reaching out to others to come by and join us in the kitchen.

Q: You have written a couple of cookbooks; what makes a recipe easy to follow?

A: A recipe is easiest to follow if it is clear, concise and to the point.

Q: If heavy metal music were a soup, what kind of soup would it be?

A: Blood Soup

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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