An Interview With Model/Stuntman Shawn Alli


Shawn Alli is a model and stuntman, here is a link to his fan page:


Q: What made you interested in modeling?


A:  Looking back I always wanted to be a Nascar driver, till one day (out the blues) I was asked to be a Model for a friend of mine’s Project. I was so natural and fun to work with that the photographer recommended for me to try out Modeling Field and here I am shooting for International Magazine, Commercials and now slowly working my way up into Acting Field.

Q: What is your strangest work story?

A:  Galli, I got so many of those but the most amazing and fun work story I can remember right of the rocket would be when I was 16 and was sent to spy on my Father. You believe that? My own Mother had my spying on my Father and paid me in M&M’s lol.. A story I can’t forget..

Q: What other kind of jobs have you done and why is modeling better?

A:  I’ve done from cashier work to business’s man work and comparing that to modeling. It is WAY fun and different, I mean you are your own boss and just live in those moments that gets to be captured by the camera for a lifetime, where you can always look back and relate to it.

Q: What is your greatest professional triumph?

A:  My Greatest Professional Triumph was being Ranked #1 in the USA for America’s next top Denim Dude and shooting Aeropostale‘s Commercial.

Q: What was your biggest goal?

A:  Even though I have been Aeropostale’s next denim dude and was Ranked into the top #50 Hottest Male Models in the USA for my Unique looks but YET I have something more thrilling that will be my biggest Triumph for a while. so stay tuned for this ONE since I’m starting to love Acting ;)..

Q: What is your dream modeling job?

A:  My Dream Modeling Job would be to do runway for Dolce & Gabbana, I mean come on who wouldn’t want to?

Q: Is there anything you would not want to advertise?

A:  I’m the Opposite, before I take off from Modeling World I want to be able to make sure that I have advertised everything in the Modeling industry.

Q: What kind of stunt work have you done?

A:  Stunt Work? Now we talking, since I love speed and have owned many race car’s and motorcycle’s which don’t last long since I have a bad habit of either wrecking them or doing something that jeopardizes them.. This might help, few weeks ago, I hit 190MPH in the backstreet quarter mile where I almost “died” I don’t know what I was thinking but HEY what kind of man I be if I don’t love challenges. set up a time and I be there. ” I live my life on Quarter Mile as there’s no tomorrow”.

Q: What photographers would you most like to work with?

A:  Since I love being on front of the Camera. I wish to work with “Yousuf Karsh“…. Darn it. I just looked up he died in 2002, well my 2nd one on the list would be Scott Kelby, just because of how he view photography and is able to bring something Astonishing on the table on all his shoots.

Q: What makes you fame worthy?

A:  Not being conceded but since I get daily compliments on my unique looks then YES that’s what makes me Fame worthy, I mean come on, let’s face it. Industry will only represent you if you are capable of unique looks, which I am thankful to my Parents for giving me Middle Eastern “chromosomes”..



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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