An Interview With Aspiring Actor Keith Mackler




Keith Mackler is an aspiring actor who appears in the video Shit White Guys Say to Black Girls; here is a link to the video:




Q:  What kind of day job do you have and why does it make you want to do something else?


A: I work at the office of a high-end catering company on the Upper East Side. It helps keep me disciplined but makes me want to use all that time and energy towards my own goals.


Q:  What makes you interested in acting?


A: It’s a chance to inhabit another body and mind. Sometimes that process helps me deal with my own inner turmoil. Sometimes it just makes me laugh. But I always feel that I learn something from it.


Q:  How did you get cast in Shit White Guys Say to Black Girls?


A: I believe that was through a Craigslist post. I’m pretty adventurous with my choices.


Q:  What is the strangest pick up line you’ve ever heard anyone say to anyone?


A: How much to f*#@ your wife?


Q:  Why do you think so many people want to be actors?

A: It’s an escape from reality. It’s intoxicating and addicting.


Q:  What kind of roles do you see yourself in?


A: I most often play stoners, hipsters, slackers, DJs and the like. I’m fine with that 😛


Q:  What’s the main difference between an artist and an egoist?


The difference is I know what an artist is but I had to Google “egoist.” All artists need an ego to survive in their industry.


Q:  What do you like about New York?


A: The opportunities for work, events and personal connections.



Q:  What don’t you like about it?


A: The relentless pace and bleak atmosphere.


Q: What is your strangest work story?


A: Probably receiving personal hate mail and death threats because of a viral video!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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