An Interview With Freshman Inventors Creator Mark Viau




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Mark Viau, is the creator of Freshman Inventors  a new show that features is kids Deja (age 14) and Canyon (age 12) mentoring new inventors; here is a link to the website:


Q: What is Freshman Inventors about?


A: What they don’t teach in school!  Kids who are proven Entrepreneurs mentoring new/young inventors to get their products to market

Competition each week, winner gets cash, patent (no cash up front “patents” in many instances to submitters), commercialization opportunity (with our Corporate partners, ½ Billion Dollar companies)

Multiple revenue sources to include, product sales Mark Viau, is the creator of the New Show Freshman Inventors which features his children Deja (age 14), product placement, branding

Q:  What gave you the idea for the show?

A: Deja and Canyon have been really creative for since they were 11 and 9 years old.  Their single Dad, Mark a former FBI Agent turned Entrepreneur, has done everything to foster their creativity.  Deja and Canyon are always involved in projects with a high Social Value.

Q:  Will it be as cut throat as Shark Tank?

A: Never!!  We are taking the high road and will not be as unfriendly as Shark Tank.  A place where younger people can feel comfortable, safe and  mentored by Deja and Canyon and other guest hosts.

We actually know where the bodies are buried at Shark Tank! 

Q:  What qualifies Deja & Canyon Viau to judge?

A:  Deja and Canyon are qualified for the following reasons


US Patent Holders

Pitch kids

Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Best of State Entrepreneur winners

Taken their products and inventions to market

TV interview hosts

product coaches 




Q: What do you think makes a reality show successful?

A: Fun, Informative, a way to make big money, scalable, large audience appeal

This show has never been done in the USA (Writers Guild Association- WGA registered – The Entertainment Industry’s form of a patent).

We were awarded the rights to use “Freshman Inventors” by the U.S. Government.

Experienced Reality Show Producer/Director (someone still associated with the Real Shark Tank on ABC is our advisor)


Q:  Why Sundance?

A: Deja and Canyon conducted interviews at the Utah Film Commission Venue at Sundance, the first year (2011) that the Utah Film Commission every had a venue at the event they co-sponsor with Sundance in over 20 years.

They found it to be filled with creative people and a great place to launch a visual project.

Q:  What will they look for in an invention?

A: Unique, Affordable, Marketable

Q:  What are some great recent inventions?

A: Deja and Canyon are consulting on these inventions by other young people:


Whip It Wallet

Q:  What do you guys wanna do when you grow up?

A: Inspire young people to create things.

We would also like to get funding for our own non-profit to help young people.

Q:  What would you like to see someone invent?

A: Something for teens and adults (especially for women and girls) to use to carry their IPhone or Smart Phone that would prevent them from losing or dropping them.  Girls and women have no place to put a smart phone.  They often put them in their Bras (yuck), or try and stick them in their tiny pockets.  But not an old school case that looks geeky, and not a leash!


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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