An Interview With Financial Healer Mary Jane Allen




Mary Jane Allen is a financial healer and radio host; here is a link to her website:



Q: What exactly is a financial healer?


A: The title Financial Healer is my Life Purpose in this lifetime. My work involves healing fears, misbeliefs, illusions and other forms of negative energy we take on from past experiences and our negative perceptions of those experiences that keep us from living a prosperous, fulfilling life. I accomplish this work by using the Akashic Records, which are an enormous energetic data base that contains all of the history of every Soul that has ever existed. The Akashic Records are referred as “the Records” in the Christian bible and are also called the Hall of Records or the Mind of God. This is healing at the Soul level and is the deepest form of healing we have available to us while in a human body.

Q: What are your qualifications for the job?


A: I have been trained in reading and healing in the Akashic Records as well I have been mentored by several amazing spiritual teachers to develop my clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience and in the development of intuitive coaching skills to allow me to be of the highest service to my clients. The Akashic Records allow me to heal Soul level wounds for my clients, and this is the deepest form of healing available to us while in a human body. As well, when we heal in the Akashic Records the healing is permanent.

Q: What are the most common things that hold people back from financial success?


A: Fear of judgment is a big one and this is based on the fact that in many areas of the world, people judge those who are wealthy or prosperous. The judgment comes from feeling like you can’t be prosperous and therefore not feeling like it is “fair” that the wealthy person has prosperity. Oftentimes people want what the wealthy person has but don’t see that they can achieve it, if they work at their goals and get the help they need.


Another big one is not feeling deserving or worthy of prosperity and wealth. This often comes from incidents we’ve had as children. It can even be small incidents that happen over time, and our perception of the criticism from our parents or relatives or in the community that makes us feel we are not worthy of having good things in life.


Fear of success and wealth and fear of Life Purpose is another common one.

This comes as a result of seeing and feeling as a child that society criticizes and doesn’t approve of wealth and success when others have it and we feel we can’t. It’s often related to the first example.


Many people often have the perception that it’s too much work to become prosperous and this can stem from societal and familial beliefs like “money doesn’t grown on trees” or “you have to work hard for money”. These are both illusions.



Q: What can you offer to your clients that other financial advisors can’t?


A: I’m really not like a financial advisor. In my practice I heal the deep Soul level wounds that prevent people from achieving their goals, paying off their credit cards, allowing them to experience more prosperity in life because when we heal your Soul level wounds you experience new awarenesses and realizations. It’s much like having had dark glasses on so that you couldn’t see the truth of your life and the opportunities available to you and the healing is like taking off those dark glasses so that you can see the truth about yourself and are then able to accept and act on the better opportunities that show up for you.

Q: What are some of the things you do to control your clients compulsive financial behavior?

A: We heal the root causes of whatever unwanted situation or behavior the client is experiencing and I am also given “homework” or physical action steps for my clients from the Akashic Records Guides. After we heal in the client’s record they are able to move forward and actually create new habits, more healthy behaviors around money and finances whereas before the healing they were virtually powerless against their compulsions, such as excessive shopping, excessive debt, not feeling that they could charge enough for their services if they’re in business.


Basically with this work, we stop people playing “games” with their money such as fear of spending on anything to improve their life or business because they’re afraid of never seeing the money again. Others over spend and have too much debt, others don’t open their bills because they don’t want to know the truth about their finances. Some people transfer money from one account to another so it looks like they have more. These are all issues that I see regularly and heal at the root cause for my clients.

Q: What is an example of a very difficult client that you helped?


A: One of my most challenging, but very rewarding clients is a Chartered Accountant and he knew that there was more in life he was meant to do, but didn’t know what it was. He is very good at his profession and works with high profile and very wealthy people. I had met him at a networking event near where I live and although he was very interested in my work and I could see he really wanted to work with me, he was VERY nervous because he had significant Soul wounding around trusting other people. He sent me several e-mails asking questions about my programs and he even asked to speak with me on the phone a couple of times before he could decide what to do. He ended up enrolling in my Life Purpose Revealed program and I found all of the information for him about his purpose and as is true with many people, he already had some of the skills he needs to do his life purpose because of his previous training as an accountant.


Anyway, I quickly saw that his HUGE fears around trusting others surrounded some very painful childhood events where his mother became distressed with the noise her children were making and actually left them for periods of up to an hour. The children, including my client didn’t know if she was coming back so this created a deep and painful Soul level wound for him. He literally felt that if he couldn’t trust his mother, he couldn’t trust anyone. There was also some past life energy around some painful lifetimes and how they had caused him to have many of his fears in this lifetime.


Each week he made incredible process with the Program and within a week he was amazed at how much better, more relaxed and at ease he felt, he just continued to feel better and had the confidence to enroll himself in a public speaking event and take many other steps toward fully stepping into his purpose. He told me that without the Akashic Records work we had done there was no way he would have been able feel so confident and able to begin the public speaking to get his message out to the world.


Q: You are involved with animal welfare organizations. What is your opinion of ethics based 401K’s?


A: As a Financial Healer my work is about helping others and healing for the highest good of all beings, so I don’t want to support any organization that does not have these same values.

Q: What is an example of a personal financial triumph you have had?


A: When I began working with my first mentor I was being trained to heal in my own Akashic Record. At the time I had some credit card debt and I wanted it gone.

I was doing a lot of work with my mentor’s help to heal me of the beliefs that were holding me back from financial success. I decided that I wanted to manifest $10,000 and within a week I had been given that money as a gift. 🙂 Then the next month I decided to do the same, this time the money came as an unexpected increase in my line of credit. I didn’t plan to use that additional credit but it was once again the manifestation of $10,000 and it was fun! When we ask for a manifestation we need to really be open to how it could appear! 🙂

Q: Do you think capitalism is a fair system for everyone?


A: Interesting question… I have to say yes to this because we are ALL conscious creators through the Universal Law of Attraction. Meaning, whatever we are experiencing in life is happening because it is what we have been thinking about. People in the most challenging of life circumstances can change their lives if they truly WANT to and take the steps to do so. It’s about empowering yourself to create the life you truly want and getting the help to do so.

Q: What is your oddest radio show story?


A: I’d have to say my last show with Dr. Pat Bacilli. I always take callers and answer questions for them in their Akashic Records. One of the callers either had a really bad connection or was speaking very softly. Anyway, I’m not in the studio, I do the show from my home and I really had trouble hearing this lady. I did finally hear her question and get the answers for her but when I listened to the interview on replay I realized that she had continued to speak after her reading and I hadn’t heard her at all, so I had said several statements while she was still talking! Embarrassing! 🙂
Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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