An Interview With Actor Danny Pardo




Danny Pardo is an actor who is featured in the upcoming film Angel of Death. He starred in the film Counterpunch and is a series regular on The Shield; here is a link to his website:


Q:  What made you want to be an actor?
A: At age 17 and after graduating form High School and while studying through University of Belgrano my Business Degree and afterwards my Marketing Degree, I started working in the corporate world at one of my father’s company, a Mattress Manufacturing Company in Argentina. For 15 years straight I have been in the business world developing and creating the demand of non-existent products for existent markets and introducing and creating new markets with completely new products. At 32 years of age, life found me at a crucial moment where I had realized that “I wasn’t having fun in my life”, and that businesses per-se where killing me slowly from the inside. Upon realizing that, I remembered then and there when I was nine I was watching a black and white TV show and saw this kid acting in it, and my immediate thought back then was “wow, that looks fun”. And after thinking that, it was as if a thunderbolt hit me right in my forehead opening me up to a new world that before was concealed to me and unavailable. And in August 17 of 2003, I declared that “Who I am is An Actor and I want to have fun in my life”. Such was the impact of this declaration and this new life, that on the 16 of September 2003, four weeks later, I filmed my first commercial for the Florida Lottery in Miami.
Q:  What is Angel of Death about?
A: Unfortunately I can’t disclose too much info about Angel of Death but it is a Crime/Drama movie, where good people are wronged by bad people, the good people want revenge and it’s a mix of you don’t know who really is the bad guy and who is the good guy. But one thing I can tell you is that I had a lot of fun!

 What role do you play?
A: I played the principal role of DON LUCIANO, the heir of the Los Angeles Italian Mafia, whose father was very good friends with the Russian Mafia boss (Armand Assante) and is taking the business according to his own view.
Q:  How did you prepare for the role?
A: I didn’t want to use the stereotype American-Italian Mafia bosses that have been seen on so many movies to create my character. So I started by going authentic Italian (which I am in part). I created him as a complicated character who was never acknowledge by his father as being good at anything since he was a kid back in Trieste. Lacking the father son relationship, made him resentful towards his father and promised himself to be more and better than his father. And then I kept on building from there… LOL

Q:  What makes films about organized crime so popular?
A: I guess that since organized crime is real BUT very few people are involved in it (comparing to the 7.1 billion people in this planet) that this genre enables us to have a peek into that scary and intricate underground world and this way we get to live it vicariously… that’s what I believe…
Q:  What is your oddest on set story?
A: Probably the oddest one is that I can’t think of the oddest one. But if I have to pick one was while filming Prison Break in Dallas, they drove me to a Jungle just south of the city that would represent Panama. After filming on that location for the length of the shooting, the last day when we wrapped and after about one hour of changing myself back to my clothes and prepping to leave set, when I got out to the “Jungle” it was gone. The whole entire Jungle was a fake Jungle (the plants were real) and a line of trucks where loading them and taking them somewhere else. It’s odd that I didn’t realize it and I believed it was a real jungle.

Q:  You Play a Mexican Commando on “The Shield”; how did you get the role?
A: I auditioned for it. I came in the room certain of who the guy was and I manned the audition telling the Casting Director what was going on in the scene and how I wanted to put the chair and I even told her something I wanted her to do. I guess it worked ☺

 Who are your acting influences?
A: Contrary to many actors, I don’t have one, two or three actors that I look up to. Who and what has influenced me and more precisely what has inspired me and keeps inspiring me, is the truth with which the role has been portrayed and in that, the willingness of the actor’s identity to disappear and allow the role to come alive via his instrument. If I get touched, moved and inspired by what I see on screen, I have been influenced.

Q:  You played a boxing promoter in Counterpunch; what did you do to research the role?
A: I went back to basics for this role. I asked myself all the questions about him, did some on-line research, pulled from some life experiences that I wanted to use, invented many others, etc. But most importantly, I constantly checked with the Director if what I believed and I had created for myself was going to move the film forward. Because ultimately, like in the corporate world the company’s goals give a frame for your personal goals within that company, in films it’s about the movie.

 What would you change about Hollywood?

Hmmmm… interesting question. This can be a very long answer because it has so many different aspects to it. But to pick one thing I would change, is to make Hollywood and Los Angeles competitive again so jobs can come back.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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