An Interview With CheekyChaCha Owner Jasmine Ejan





Jasmine Ejan is the coowner of CheekyChaCha which sells Blowpaste; here is a link to the website:





Q: What is Blowpaste?



A:  Blowpaste is not a paste, but an oral sex lubricant that’s vegan, gluten free, has no preservatives and is the only lube in the world that’s good for your teeth. It is packaged in an elegant, white tube that does not scream sex (resembling toothpaste) so that one can leave on their night stand or bring on the plane (and not get embarrassed when searched).  In addition to oral sex, and/or intercourse, Blowpaste can also be used for massage (aloe vera ingredient is good for skin and digestion. Winter green essential oil in mint flavor is good for arthritis in joints). And of course, it works wonderfully for self-service and handjobs.


Q:  What gave you the idea?



A:  After orally pleasing my partner with oral lubes that had aspartame and candy like substances, I grew tired of having to brush my teeth after doing the deed. Blowpaste eliminates the post brush so one can fall asleep in his lover’s arms.


Q:  How does it work?



A:  Apply Blowpaste on a body part and lick it off. The taste is subtle and freshens up the job for him and her. Some users may experience a slight cooling sensation.


Q:Why would you need a lube for oral sex, isn’t it pretty well lubricated naturally?


A:  The formula in Blowpaste increases saliva production, which helps for longer extended acts of fellatio.


Q: What kind of advertising are you doing for your product?


A:  We are a start up company on a shoe string budget. We advertise via social media, word of mouth and sponsoring events. We also support CSUMB helping bring sex education and awareness on campus. Please follow us on, twitter: @Blowpaste and our instagram: blowpaste. (and hashtag blowpaste, please)


Q: What is your oddest work story?



A:  My oddest work story: I don’t consider it odd, but it’s funny:

But during Miss Saigon, I was creating Orangasmic, and one of my cast member’s lover’s attended the show and was visiting for the weekend. I asked him to test Blowpaste, so we poured some in a paper cup to bring home.  Here he was greeting everyone in the lobby, holding a paper cup of lube (and not shy at all).



Q:What do you like about Chicago?



A:  Chicago is very supportive of its own community. It is centrally located and we are grateful to everyone who has helped us in our journey.


Q:What would you change about it?


A:  I can’t think of anything to change about Blowpaste.  About Chicago, I would change the weather. It gets so cold in the winter! But that’s how Blowpaste began; on cold winter days and we didn’t want to go outside to play.


Q:What kind of day job do you have ( or have you had) and how does it help you in marketing your product?



A:  My musical theater career has helped develop Blowpaste because most people in theater are very open-minded and creative. Blowpaste’s new flavors have been tested amongst the most talented singer/dancer/actors across the nation (depending on what show I was doing or what city I was in). In addition, most of the models and actors in the commercials come from my network being in the entertainment industry.

My partner has extensive knowledge in sales, currently working in cell phone retail. He also has a background in writing has also helped in marketing and commercial development.


Q: What is the most challenging thing about working in the sex aide industry?


A:  Proving to buyers that we are legit has been the most challenging part of Blowpaste. We didn’t go to business school, or have had many years of experience owning a business, or worked in adult entertainment. We are passionate and believe in our product. Very soon, we will convince the world that Blowpaste should be part of your life. Blowpaste has been purchased internationally (Australia, France, Taiwan, Netherlands) and nationwide. Our mission is to spread love, joy and healthy clean smiles.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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