An Interview With Country Singer Marshall Dane




Marshall Dane is a country singer whose single Alcohol Abuse from his album    One of These Days hasentered the Music Row Country Breakout chart Top 80; here is a link to his website:



Q: When did you know you wanted to be a professional singer?


A:  I just kinda became one:)…My first gig at age 15, had me hooked on performing…and from then on…I was focused on getting more shows lined up.  Once I had enough gigs to pay my rent, I stopped doing anything else but playing music…I never looked back.


Q:  Who are some of your influences?


A:  Zac Brown, Kenny Rogers – love story tellers.


Q:  What sets you apart from other country singers?


A: My hair lol!  That said, I suppose it would be that I am a performer/songwriter that has always kept my head down and done my own style of music…I never chased the celebrity status, rather the chance to get on stage again and deliver a show that would be remembered as passionate, energetic and sincere.  With that as my goal, I think it allows me to connect with my audience on a deep and honest level.


Q: What is your weirdest backstage story?


A: Niagara Falls Casino, 2010, Kevin Costner is just getting off stage, I’m dressed in a 3 piece suit and a fedora standing in the green room talking to Kevin’s wife and sister in law, as the rooms starts to fill in with band guys and family friends…after a bunch of people introduce themselves wondering who the heck I was (a guest of his managers:), I watched Kevin walk across the room, walk straight over to me and say “well if everyone else is introducing themselves to you, I may as well too,….Hi I’m Kevin Costner” :):)


Q:  What is the overall theme of One of These Days? 


A: Empowerment . Taking advantage of today, not taking a single moment for granted.  No wallowing in the past….just looking forward to changing the future.


Q: If someone were only going to listen to one song off of that album which one would it be?


A:One Of These Days.”


Q:  How has country music changed over the last 10 years?


A:  How hasn’t it changed? lol.  It’s always gonna be a big industry with mountains to navigate through for the indie artist, however, it has given a lot of the power to make connections and headway in the business, to the Artist.


Q: What’s the story behind the song “Alcohol Abuse”?


A:    It’s a light hearted take on all the silly ways people end up spilling their drinks when out at the clubs.  We see it from stage, night after night:) Twisting the term Alcohol Abuse and applying it to precious booze being spilled, is typical, tongue in cheek, Marshall Dane style:)  see:


Q:  What is more important; great lyrics or creative videos?


A:  Great lyrics…..but if you’re lyrics fall short, … you better know how to make a creative video:)


Q:  What famous country classic is your theme song?


A:  “The Gambler”….”you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em”.



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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