An Interview With Volleyball Player and Motivational Speaker Bob Holmes




Bob Holmes is a volleyball player who holds the Ripley’s Believe It or Not World Record for most games played by an Athlete in history. He is currently a motivational speaker who leactures about bullying and teen suicide; here is a link to one of his YouTube videos:


Q:  How did you get into playing volleyball?

A: I had a bad back and a chiropractor suggested I play volleyball to help my back. He said I was out of shape and needed a workout.  Then I saw the Globetrotters doing their exhibition and thought ONE MAN AGAINST AN ENTIRE TEAM      could be an exhibition with a message. God turned an affliction into a ministry and since it was turned into a ministry I have had no back pain.




Q:  What do you think made you so good at it?

A: Because of having played 18.000 games usually more than 50 games a week.


Q:   What is the main concept behind, Beat the Odds?

A: I beat the odds on the court to paint a word picture of beating the odds in life and not committting suicide.

Standing alone as they should stand against the peer pressure.


Q:  How are you different from other motivational speakers?

A: INTERACTION with the crowd, playing them and giving a lot of fun and laughter prior to speaking gets the crowd really tuned in to hear me.


Q:  Do you have any formal training in psychology?

A: no


Q:  Why do you think there is so much media attention on bullying these days?

A: Because every 30 seconds a young person is trying to take their lives because of being bullied


Q:  What do you believe causes someone to be suicidal?

A: Not have the Lord in their hearts to give them purpose, No love at home. Bullying, and many times feeling left out


Q:  What was the most challenging thing about writing your book?

A: getting investors to handle the upfront costs



Q:  Your blog says ‘every 30 seconds a teenager attempts suicide due to bullying” were are you getting this statistic?

A: i remember reading it on a anti-bullying site but did not write the url down,  it might be more powerful to say that I use to have 2,3 students showing me their razor blade cuts with tears after an assembly, now it is many times a whole bunch,  15-30


Q:  Do you think bullying has gotten worse or peoples egos have gotten more fragile due to the internet and social media?

A: bullys have a big ego and they do not think about who they are hurting, the bullied folks are very affected and emotionally hurt by all  of it

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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