An Interview With Casting Director Cassie Rubino Halliwell

Cassie (1)



Cassie Rubino Halliwell  is an Executive in Charge of Casting at Magnetic Productions, whose projects include Rehab Addict and Buy This Restaurant; here is a link to the website:



Q: What made you interested in casting?

A: To be honest, I didn’t start out knowing that casting could be a career. I have always loved people, loved bringing out the best in them, and helping them find their voice. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I started out as a street recruiter for MTV. It was my first taste of casting – and I loved every part of it. Over the years I worked my way up from recruiter to associate to producer, then director and now EIC of Casting for Magnetic Productions. I have enjoyed all aspects of this journey!

Q:  What kind of educational background do you have?

A: I went to school for Sports Medicine.

Q:  What makes for an interesting reality show star?

A: Someone who is confident, not afraid to look silly and can connect with people. As a casting director, I’m always looking for people that can connect.

Q:  What are some common mistakes people make when auditioning for a reality show?

A:  Often I see people putting on an act of what they think I want to see, or they will try to portray a character they want to be. I can tell if you’re being your honest self the moment you walk in a room.

Q:  Why do you think home improvement shows are so popular?

A: Owning your own home and making it truly yours is a dream! At some point, everyone has the fantasy of owning his or her own home. I think getting to watch it lets us live out a part of that fantasy.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen someone do in an audition?

A: I have seen some pretty amazing auditions. I once had a very nice man pull a live snake out of his pocket half way through his audition. I’ve had someone stand up during a skype interview and reveal they weren’t wearing any pants (they forgot – this wasn’t a statement) – A young lady was so nervous she started throwing up mid-sentence.

Q: What do you like about show business?

A:I like making people’s dreams come true. I love that it celebrates talent and being unique.

Q:  What would you change about it?

A: I would take out ego! Do what you do, and do it well. Enjoy the journey and stop being full of yourself or taking it personally if you don’t get a part.

Q:  Do you think fame or compensation is more important to the average reality show contestant?

A: Both! Everyone wants to be famous if they are auditioning for a show! And who doesn’t want the paycheck to follow.

Q:  What kind of show are you casting for now?

A: Right now I am looking for experts in house flipping and contractors. I am ALWAYS looking for fun outgoing family businesses and experts of unusual topics! Part of my job is finding fun new talent and creating shows around them.




Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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