An Interview With Preferred Writer’s Group Co-Founder Laurie Tysinger



Laurie Tysinger Co-founded Preferred Writer’s Group and does editing for here is a link to the website:




Q:  What inspires you to write?


A: As in all things, but particularly my artwork and my writing, literally everything inspires me! I am the type of person who may very well be awoken in the middle of the night by some crazy idea (ranging from obscure to brilliant) that I simply have to get up and translate in some manner. I am also the type who might be inspired by the simple  way the light hits a certain object, or the sound of a bird in the wild, and that might lead into an article, story, song, painting, sculpture…who knows.


In addition, I am often inspired by the writing of others, and that can lead to a totally different writing on the same subject, or even another topic altogether, simply inspired by a phrase they may have used that touched me in some way, and I then ran in a completely different direction with it. I am curious about many things, and many different types of reading inspire me as well.


Q:  What motivated you to start Preferred Writers Group?


A: I was asked to start Preferred Writers Group by my partner, and co-owner/admin, J.D. Cumberland. He came to me with the amazing idea of starting a “Facebook for writers”. A place were writers come together and help one another. We too are writers. If we don’t write there, we don’t make money…simple as that.


It is also a very good “Writers Resource”. A place you can go where all the tools a writer needs, for any writing they are doing anywhere, are right there at their fingertips. We are constantly updating this in an attempt to have the best possible resources available.


I have to thank J.D. daily for making me a part of this. There is truly nothing else out there quite like PWG. It is a true innovation, and a great business model, though we have a long way to go with it yet. It grows daily, having garnered 70 users in less than 3 months, and I see many things happening there as we continually develop as a unique brand.


Q:  How does it work?


A: You may join the site as a user (absolutely free, of course, all you need do is register),  without even writing there, and utilize any tool or information available there. You can also share links to you work, anywhere it is found on the web, on our Community Page, and draw viewers to your own site, blog, or articles. I might add that to my knowledge, no other site allows this. It truly is about helping writers, and that is why I love it so.


However, if you DO chose to write, and your work displays quality content, and good grammar and writing skills, you can be chosen to be a staff writer, and will be paid .01 per view you garner on PWG. Either way, you are always free to share your work, and utilize the writer tools, and even your personal profile there to your full advantage in promoting your brand, and all your work as a writer.


Q: Do you think the average writer makes more or less money than they did in the days before the internet? (taking inflation into consideration, of course.)


A: This is a bit subjective, but here is my personal perspective. Though I wrote for print media before writing online, I never really got my foot in the door there, so to speak. I did have some minor successes, and wrote for a local paper/entertainment magazine. My pay started at .05 per word. I showed my ability as a writer right away, and was quickly raised to .35 cents per word.


That simply does not happen often in the online writing world. However, the wealth of opportunities to write online, and the ability to have all the resources you need right at your fingertips, offsets this aspect of the issue.


Q:  What is the difference between Tzolkin cosmology and regular cosmology?


A: Tolkin Cosmology is the work of a private client, Rohaan Solare, who describes it as “The art and science of time, change, synchronicity, human personality, and interpersonal dynamics.”


I do support Rohaan’s work, and am actually a huge fan myself. You can find my feelings about it here… and see Rohaan’s actual work here…

Opinion – Preferred Writers Group – Community website – Rohaan Solare and Tzolkin Cosmology :…

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Tzolkin Cosmology |

WELCOME ★★★★★ A Holistic Worldview is Emerging! Front cover of the soon to be released exposition on Tzolkin Cosmology. Thank you for v…

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Q:  Are you able to make a living writing or do you have a day job (if so what is it)?


A: When unable to find regular work for sometime, I simply decided to “make work” for myself on the internet. I set a goal last year to combine all the things I love into one, and make a living from it somehow. It is a constant struggle, but I feel I have accomplished quite a bit in that time! I do have other work, however, but it is seasonal. I work in a haunted house in the fall, and do artwork and costume design here and there as well.


Q:  How did you go about getting your first paid writing gig?


A: If you mean online, I suppose that would be as a Y!CN Contributor, which I still do. However, that work brought me to FullofKnowledge and ExpertsPages, where I later became an editor. Most writing sites are relatively simple. You just sign up, make the best looking profile you can, with a good bio, etc, and start writing!


Q:  What is the biggest mistake you have seen people make when trying to get paid for their writing?


A: Personally, I think writers put far too much emphasis on SEO, and keyword density! One thing that hurts both writers AND writing sites now is the fact that many sites no longer cater to quality content.


I have never so much as given thought to SEO or keyword density. Many who do seem to create work that is largely unintelligible, and contains no real info of value, in my opinion. Again, this speaks to the need for quality content, and the bad stuff out there hurts us all.


I much prefer writing a quality article about a given subject, and letting that speak for itself. If you write a good article about your subject, and include all needed info and sources, the keyword density usually takes care of itself. I feel this is an issue in good SEO that does need to be addressed by writers and sites alike.



Q:  What qualifies someone as an expert on


A: Oh, this is a fine example for the previous question. At both ExpertsPages, and FullofKnowledge, it is not about being an “expert”. It is about quality content, and knowledge of your subject matter. You do not need to be an expert to write well. Both sites are a showcase for quality work and interesting subject matter above all else.


One of the major advantages to be found on these sites lies in the fact that we have an editorial team like that of no other site I have dealt with. We are very “hands on”. We guide and encourage our writers to be the best they possibly can be, and are always an editorial note away should they need us.


That being said, I must share some news, and I thank you for the opportunity to do so here. ExpertsPages is currently undergoing some major changes. It will soon become a new blogging platform. In that sense, then, I suppose the blogger becomes the expert, and their blog becomes a personal dissertation of their individual expertise. I rather like that concept as well. I see much growth in the future of both sites, and see them succeeding where similar sites are now failing.


As our owner, Aaron Coates stated recently, “FoK and EP are going to reassert their positions as the premier writing platforms”.



Q:  What do you think is the most profitable subject to write about?


A: That depends on your personal abilities, and probably the current market needs and trends as well, but for me, I suppose it would be music, arts and crafts how tos and alternative medicines, at the moment. These are areas of special interest and passion for me, and as I stated earlier, it is my goal to combine all these things in my writing, and make a living from that.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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