An Interview With Film Director Lorenzo Raveggi


Lorenzo Raveggi is an Italian director and producer whose latest film is The Botticelli Murders; here is a link to his IMDB page:

Q: What is The Botticelli Murders about?

A:  Botticelli Murders is a Florence based movie based collocated by apart on the real story of the painter Sandro Botticelli and his time (the Renaissance), mixed with a thriller ambiented during our century.
A Florentine woman commissioner that investigates on murders at Botticelli’s time.

Q: What made you want to produce it?

A:  It’s a great story very intense. I like to producing and co-producing my scripts and projects.

Q: What was the most challenging this about producing the film?

A:  The most challenging is the bureaucratic and political Italian ways to raise fundings by apart.
By another part is difficult way to live besides Sorrentino or Tornatore when you have only a name like Lorenzo Raveggi but you afford to doing these great stories on great historical or religious themes with such beautiful scripts or eclectical shootings.
Many production or distribution companies do not know how to proceed themselves facing very good scripts that do not own to their favorite names. Many times they think that to participate financing such type of movies, or directors, or movies or producers it could be similar to abuse such names or much other…

Q: What was it about Natassia Malthe that made you think she would be a good Mara Young?

A:  Mara Young is an eclectical European/aesthetic outline of a very good interpreter of knowing secret societies and its stories.
Natassia is very prepared on this, too. She has an acute intelligence. Miss Malthe is a very good actress beside to be a great person, too.

Q: What is your oddest onset story?

A:  I have many oddest stories we could together write a book on them.

Q: Who are some of your artistic influences?

A:  I have no artistic influences. My influences (good ones) depend only by God. My perfect Master!

Q: What do you think are some of the differences between American audiences and Italian audiences?

A:  Now, it is time of Sci-fi, horror movies, many with effects of all genres. But it’s time to come back to our history and religious type of movies. We have to rediscover our history, religion and ethical values.

Q: What would you change about the Italian film industry?

A:  I would change many things. Bureaucratic situations and creative ones too. Come back to Italian culture, remember what does it mean Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, artistic things, artisan creations etc..

Q: What sets you apart as a director?

A:  I am a creative writer/thinker, an actor. I love the nature, classic music and all beautiful things God created on Earth.

Q: Why do you think Botticelli’s work has stood the test of time?
A:  Botticelli was born in the Renaissance Florentine period but if you see all the magnificent he created that has no time you can understand without problem that all the wonderful authors that lived in that period were Blessed by God!



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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