An Interview with Hostile Haunts Specialist Founder Laurie Champion Fotinos




Laurie Champion Fotinos is the founder of Hostile Haunts Specialist; here is a link to the website:


Q:  What is Hostile Haunts Specialist?

A hostile haunts specialist is someone who figures out and resolves hostile or extreme hauntings. While we specialize in those kinds of haunts most of our cases turn out to be just harmless spirits that have an agenda that is not bad, or may even be beneficial to the persons they are interacting with on some level. For example: We had a grandmother haunting and scaring a little boy out of the bathtub in his new home. After establishing communication with her we learned that there was a dangerous mushroom mold in the wall behind the tile. This was confirmed upon inspection of the wall behind the tile. She saved the boy from serious illness.

Q:  What qualifies you as a haunting specialist?
A: I went through one of the worst haunting experiences from childhood. As a teen I resolved it myself. From there out I have studied, experimented and helped others who are going through haunting. I have 36 years in the field now, working with hauntings. I also am an EVP specialist with hundreds of hours in, perfecting the cleaning and clearing up of the sound files to understand the words being said on tape. Due to inexperience with sounds, and working with EVP, most investigators miss about 80 percent of their evps.

Q:  Why don’t you charge for your services?
A: I do not charge for my services because I do this as a “calling” to help people, and I feel any kind spiritual work done, should be offered for free. If I go into a bad haunting I want, protection and assistance from the powers that be. In order to have that I have to have pure intention. I can not be there for the purpose of self gain or I can not win the day against a truly evil entity. Often spirits that do want to hurt people will choose the underdog that is already weak on some level. Many of my clients are poor people that could never afford to pay anyway. Also you can not charge for something that you can not guarantee to work. There are some hauntings that will never be resolved , so how can you ever guarantee anything?

Q:  What kind of a day job do you have and how does it affect your paranormal work?
A: I used to be a professional ballerina and dance teacher/choreographer for many years. My work did not entail really long hours and left me some time to work in the field. I had to keep more on the down low though, because I did not want my students or their folks to be put off by my other vocation. That was the only thing that in any way affected my work in the para field. After I retired in 2008 I was able to devote fulltime to HHS, and no longer had to keep a lower profile.
Q:  What made you interested in hauntings?

A:  I was a weird kid, I was able to see things, know things etc. that other people didn’t. seeing spirits came with that also. After the haunting experience I referred to in question 2, I knew this was my calling.

Q:  What causes a ghost to haunt a house?
A: Surprisingly, spirits do not haunt houses as much as we think they do. They hang around whatever or whoever they loved. If they had the best time of their lives in their home, they might return to it, but this seldom really happens. Usually it is the living people they interact with that are the draw, as spirits watch over us and often try to intervene or get our attention when they feel we are in need of their guidance. Spirits also haunt in other circumstances as well, such as when someone has been murdered? Spirits also haunt those who are hurting their living loved ones. There are so many reasons, just as there are with living people who have issues and situations. With the current ghost hunting craze, everyone and their brother is now out there, calling out spirits for thrills, or other shallow reasons. These ghost hunting thrill seekers then become fair game to the spirits revenge for the annoyance of such disrespect. This is why many ghost hunting individuals wind up haunted. It is the spirits’ way of teaching them that it is wrong to do this.

Q:  What kinds of haunting problems have you had to deal with?
A: Most of the cases we get are not truly hostile at all, most are family haunts, where a relative just wants the family to know about something or resolve something that can only be done here. We have also dealt with spirits of murder victims, missing persons who are deceased and others who just cannot rest until they get closure. On occasion we have had some hostile spirits that intend to do harm. Some were just evil in life and evil in death, and others were justifiably angry and haunting for revenge. Some haunting are karmic in nature.

Q:  What has been your most challenging case?
A: Because of client confidentiality I cannot tell details but the most challenging case is when the spirit talks to us via EVP but will not give us anything to go on as far as figuring out what they want or why they are there. Then you have to change gears and approach the entire investigation over in a different way and keep at it until you get to the bottom of it.

Q:  Why do you think people are skeptical about ghosts?

A: I think that some people prefer to not acknowledge that which they are afraid of, others may refuse to believe in something not proven by science. Some people I have met, do not believe in ghosts per say but only in demons as their religious beliefs dictate that human spirits cannot interact with us and that anything haunting must be a demon from Hell.

Q:  What are Elemental Spirits?
A: Wow, this is such a broad question because the true answer is not going to be anywherenear complete. I have learned a bit about elemental spirits, especially from one of my cases I worked for months. When most people think of elemental spirits they automatically think spirits of earth, air, water, fire etc. This is just the beginning. There are animal elemental spirits, so many of them. The possibilities for different kinds of elemental spirits, are so numerous and at this point. We just don’t know the full extent of it and may never know, at least not in this life. This is something that has always fascinated me the most and I want to learn more and more about it.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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