An Interview With Swedish Country Singer Hicks





Hicks is a Country Music singer who hails from Sweden, here is a link to his website:


Q: What made you interested in country music?


A: I grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves and Hank. My Grandpa and Ma were big country music fans. I didn’t know it was country music I listened to. To me it was just great music. When you’re a kid you don’t care so much about what genre it is, as long as you like it.

When I got up in my teens it was a lot of rock, I played in different rock bands, but them country songs were always there.

Then Garth Brooks came in the nineties and BAMM I was so hooked. I mean I love the old stuff, but what Garth did was something else… And I guess that’s one of the reasons I sound the way I do.


Q: Is country music big in Sweden?


A: Not that much. It’s starting to grow. I’m doing what I can ;o)

TV shows like Nashville and Heart Of Dixie sure helps to put country music on the map over here.


Q: What distinguishes you as an artist?


A: Energy… Energy… Energy… Having a good time. Forget your troubles for a while and cut loose.

Me and my band are a real power house live. There’s so much energy coming off from the stage that you can’t sit still. And the songs are the same. There’s lots of energy in the songs. I want people to dance, sing along and party…


Q: Who are some of your country music influences?


A: Like I said before Johnny, Jim and Hank were my first heroes. And that off course have inspired me. But I think Garth made a bigger impact on me with his larger than life shows. Brooks And Dunn, I have all their albums and both Ronnies solo albums. It bummed me out when they split.

Eric Church, love his latest album The Outsiders.


Q: What inspired you to write “Unreachable Dream”?


A: I wanted to write something that is very close to my heart. Never give up on your dreams. No Matter What!

I’ve been told that I’m too old, to this, to that… don’t write country music it will never work… and so on… But I never listened to that. I kept walking my own way and reached for the Unreachable Dream.

I want my life to be an inspiration both for me and others. And I guess my message is Anything Is Possible.


Q: What is your oddest backstage story?


A: Well if it’s that odd I don’t know… But to me it was very funny…

We played a big festival (won’t reveal which one) and I wasn’t the headline but played just before the headline. That band had never heard of Hicks or what happens at a Hicks show… They were a little cocky backstage and kinda talked down to us. Just before we went on stage they told me “Go out there and warm up the audience for us” “Sure” I said… and we did… and then some… We did our show to the fullest. As usual the crowd went crazy and so did we. We played so many encores that we ran out of songs…

When we came back stage the singer in the headline band was furious. Started yelling at me… “What are we supposed to now” “We can’t top that”

I just told him that “You wanted me to warm them up, they’re warm now”…


Q: What was your greatest triumph as a songwriter?


A: I’ve had a few… My first cut with another artist was a country song. It was certified Gold and the band got a Grammy for best album. That was just way beyond my wildest dream. What a great start as a songwriter.

The Jimi Jamison album “Never To Late” I co-wrote the whole album with Erik Martensson who produced the album. I’m so proud of that album and Jimis singing is out of this world. I’m a Survivor fan and get to work with one of my heroes is just mind blowing.

An other big thing for me was to write for W.E.T featuring Jeff Scott Soto (Journey, Talisman) they have released two albums W.E.T and Rise Up. both albums won Album Of The Year at melodicrock .com. Amazing.

Little River Band recorded my song “Cuts Like A Diamond” and they named the whole album after that song. That’s HUGE…


Q: What sort of themes to you like to explore in your writing?


A: As mentioned before inspiring songs like Unreachable Dream about following your inner calling what ever that is.

Party songs like Hayride… hanging out with your friends and having a good time.

But I also enjoy writing about things that really matter like family (Mamas Kitchen), faith and being real… about exploring your self (The Steps)

And off course drinking songs (Bad Call After All)


Q: What do you like about going on tour?


A: Meeting the fans… That is just amazing.

And that feeling when you know that you have put a great show together and it’s time to go out and show the world what you’re about. Love that…

The interaction between the band and the crowd. I love to throw a party and invite everybody in the audience to be a huge part of it.

I love almost everything about being on the road. I guess there must be some gypsy blood flowing in me hahaha…


Q: What classic country song sums up your live?


A: I don’t know if you can call it a classic country song (yet) but Tim McGraws “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” It’s got me written all over it.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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