An Interview With Actress Rashia Whitlock





Rashia Whitlock is an actress who appeared in the films Last Night at Dinner, the television show Star-Crossed and the film Django Unchained; here is a link to her IMDB page:


Q: What made you want to be an actress?


A: Every since i was a kid i always wanted to do what i wanted to do.



A: Anything i set out to do i put my all into it, and i believed thats what made me want to be an actress.

Its something that challenges me, its my passion, it allows me to be creative, and its really something that i can put my all into and at the end of the day be proud of myself.


Q: What is Last Night at Dinner about?



A: Its about a group of couples who have a dinner party, and their are many issues that are brought up not only about each couple, but about each person at the party


Q: What role do you play?



A: I play the role of Felecia. Shes a top executive at a firm, whos married to a guy whos kind of in between careers. Her character is very fiesty, but loving at the same time.


Q: Who are some of your acting influences?



A: My role model and major influence in the acting field is Diahann Carroll. I cherish, respect, and look up to her so much because i very first met her i realized shes more than just an actress….she is the example of a talents, successful, and classy woman which what we should all strive to be as women. The poise, and class that she carries about herself is amazing and such a huge influence and example in my life.


Q: What role did you play in Django Unchained?



A: In Django i played a pony girl.


Q: What is your oddest on set story?



A: Last summer when i filmed Project Almanac its not really an odd story, but we filmed this at an actual highshool and it brought back so many memories, of some of the best and fun times of my life which occured during my highschool years. Everyday when i would report to set so early in the am it made me feel like i was going to highschool all over again!..So much fun



Q: What role did you play on Star-Crossed?


A: On Star-Crossed i played a featured role of the Buton Captain of the highschool twirl team.


Q: What did you do to prepare for the role?



A: Actually when i auditioned for this role, she was originally a cheerleader. Well then casting reached back out to me and told me i got the role, but she was changed to a buton twirler. I immediately freaked out, because i had never done this a day in my life, but im never one to back down from a challenge so i accepted it. When i arrived on set for the first day i was given a buton and we went over a few moves, and i picked up on it quickly. So much fun!


Q: What film role could you have nailed?



A: I dont really have one in mind, i put my all into any film role i receive, or audition for. No matter how big or small the project is. My dream role however, would be to play someone in their biopic. The faith that i have in God is so strong im sure its on the list of things he has set out for me to do!


Q: What would you change about Hollywood?


A: Honestly i wouldnt change anything about Hollywood. I think that is where many people in my opinion about Hollywood or just this career in general…they go into it trying to CHANGE it, their self, or the way something is. I just say BE YOU, and the rest will fall in place.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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