An Interview with Spirituality Teacher Shahram Shiva


Shahram Shiva is a performance poet a scholar of Rumi and a teacher of spirituality; here is a link to his website:



Q:  What is a performance poet?


A: It’s poetry in performance and not just in normal recitation. It’s a phrase that I have coined; if you listen to any of my songs from my albums it becomes clear.



Q:  What kinds of things do you discuss in your talks on the future of spirituality?


A: The main theme is The Future of Spirituality.

The topics include:

What Comes after Yoga

The Next Level of Spirituality

Consciousness Expansion

My 4 levels of soul evolution.

The yoga of the mind.

Where you are in your own evolution and what is next for you.

The universe’s unlimited and infinite love for you and how to tap into it.

Vision Manifestation and how to get exactly what you want.

In some of my events I also conduct a guided group meditative whirling workshop, based on a unique method that I devised in 1995.



Q:  What kind of professional and educational background do you have?


A: Professionally I have been sharing Rumi with the world for about 25 years.  I started very young.  I have been conducting concerts, talks, lectures and workshops for a very long time.  My first book was released in ’91.  My educational background is in the visual arts.  I have always been creative and have been pursing my passions since early teens.



Q:  It says on your blog you’ve been called “a profit of change and spirituality” who said this about you?


A: That’s one of the quotes that was shared with me in the early years of Facebook by Alexander Solomon.  To read more quotes about my albums or my work in general please visit:


Q:  What sets you apart from other self-help/ spirituality experts?


A: I am an artist first and have never been motivated by finances, ever.  I elevate my followers and students out of the basic and same old-same old spirituality 101 teachings to a place beyond right and wrong and good and bad where they discover their own divinity, true independent nature of their souls and greater life purpose beyond the everyday chores.  My followers shed their slave-minds and childhood programming to become empowered, self-guided entities.



Q: Why do you think Rumi’s poems are still popular?


A: Because he speaks about the human condition and our eternal search for universal truth, he will always be popular.  In fact he was extremely famous when he was alive 800 years ago and his style was being copied (while he was still alive) thousands of miles away in India.  He has always in all these centuries been regarded as a giant.  And he has been celebrated without pause for 800 years in the East.



Q:  What is universal spiritual hierarchy?


A: All things evolve, they adapt to their environment, they change, they grow and expand.  Our spirits are not immune to this universal pattern, hence, we evolve spiritually as well.  Our known universe with over 200 billion galaxies, each containing on average 100 billion stars and planets is not being run by a Renaissance-ear old white guy with a beard sitting on a cloud.  As we mature spiritually through reincarnation, our souls elevate to higher levels of consciousness where we eventually graduate from being a homosapian or an Earthling to much higher levels of existence.  The USH is a phrase that I have coined to represent the infinite levels of spiritual growth potential in our universe.  Our soul’s potential for growth is infinite.



Q:  What is Rumi’s Riddle?


A: From the time you are born an escape hatch is placed in front of you so you can be free.



Q: What do you think the answer is?


A: Open Mind.  Your mind projects your reality.  All that you are and all that you are experiencing is a projection of your mind.  When you learn to expand and shift your thinking, your reality will shift with it.  However, for many billions on this planet who exist with their minds closed shut, mostly due to childhood fear-based programming, there is no remedy for release until such time as they have elevated themselves out of fear-based doctrine of reward and punishment to one of love-based, self-guided manifestation.



Q:  What is the demographic of your audience and what do you thing are the sociological reasons for this?


A: My work isn’t based on age groups, but highly progressive beings of all ages from all walks of life.  In my events I have teenagers in my audience as well as people in their late years and everyone else in between.  I am here to elevate humanity out of the bondage of agenda-driven spirituality into a place of the highest truth.  A place where they shed their slaved minds for that of empowered minds.  This can happen to a highly enlightened 14-year old as well someone who is finally ready to hear my message at 80.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)




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