An Interview With Actor Paul Williams





Paul Williams is an aspiring actor from Pennsylvania, here is a link to his Twitter page:

Q: What made you interested in acting?




A: I became interested in acting when I was young and my grandfather showed me the Indiana Jones films. I wantes to be an adventurer then a teacher and an archeologist like Harrison Ford played for these films so growing up I was clueless as to what I wanted to do fulltime or permanently and decided why not do them all.

Q: What kind of acting jobs have you had since you have been in LA?

A: Since I came to LA June 11th have worked background for 4 feature films. Feature films with big budgets and named talent actors involved. I’ve done many auditions for other films to music videos and ended up straying towards auditions to model.

Q: What kind of day job (or income source) do you have and how does it effect your pursuit of acting?

A: Right now I don’t have a set job nor income, I do anything from acting gigs to working contracting and remodeling within a business that a friend owns. Moneys tight and sometimes I just cant make it to an audition but I don’t let it stop me from trying.

Q: What kind of training have you had?

A: To this day I have never had training. I’ve thought about classes but will only push the issue if its absolutely necessary to that project.

Q: To what method of acting to you ascribe?

A: I came here not knowing what I can do and what role I was good for but so far I have found that the gritty bad guy look plays well into my favor. After portraying a prisoner to bar patrons or a jerk at a party I found that when something works, why not go with it.

Q: What famous screen role could you have nailed?



A: I think many episodes of Breaking Bad with scenes that Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston have done I can come close to pulling off.  I even shaved my head, wore glasses and had a goatee one year and was told many times I looked like Walter White.



Q: What makes an actor a movie star?

A: Honestly, I can’t say what makes an actor a movie star. It all comes down to the hype of the movie and what role is played in that movie. It also comes down to the public. Without the public actors are nothing. Just your everyday performers. The public is what makes a celebrity. Otherwise your just another struggling name in the business.

Q: Why do you think so many people want to be actors?

A: Some want to become actors just for the sheer attention, others do it as a hobby and others have a passion so strong that they want to make a career from it which is what I’m striving for.

Q: What do you miss about Pennsylvania?

A: I miss everything about Pa from the rainy days to the snow and forest. The forest was a place to hike and explore and being here in California is a huge life style change for me because all I know is thousands of miles away. Prices are steep, days are very hot and then there’s the desert. I also miss all my friends and family. Everyday is a battle alone to not give up and go home.

Q: What’s your strangest Los Angeles story?

A: My strangest and most horrible experience in LA was when I was short on cash and had know where to rest my head for the night. I fell asleep below a tree along the street and woke up later infested in ants and roaches. It was so unbearable I ended up climbing the tree to get some quick shut eye.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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