An Interview With Writer Theron Moore


Theron Moore is the author of The Kill Sisters and Gangsters, Harlot’s and Thieves; here is a link to his website:



Q: What is The Kill Sisters about?


A: Here’s the nuts and bolts: Two girls, one vampire, one human, team up to retrieve an ancient, powerful book called the Necronomicon but there’s a problem, it’s a setup. The Angels of Death and Vengeance confront Jewel warning her to leave the book alone but Vengeance has a more personal message, holding her responsible for the death of her family as well as her own, and the reason she returned as an Angel of Vengeance — to kill Jewel.


Our anti-heroes Jewel (vampire) and Helen Bells, aka, “Hell’s Bells” (human) find themselves in situations involving an Elvis impersonator who owns a roller derby team and secretly runs a zombie farm in Austin Texas, Jewel’s ex- partner Black No. 9 who betrayed her and took control of her covert group “The Brood” otherwise known as “The Men in Black,” and a slightly insane New York pathologist who dabbles in ghoulish Frankenstein like activities as well as re-animation experiments much like his father the famed Dr. Herbert West. And if that’s not enough there’s also a stargate involved as well. Locations in the book include New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Mexico.


I wanted to showcase strong female leads, play down the often played out vampire angle which I personally think has been done to death, excuse the pun, go character based with storylines that appeal to people who want a thick meaty plot as opposed to the two dimensional nonsense you get with vampire diaries and movies like twilight which just bore me to death. How about a movie that appeals to adults and not the teen set? You get that with this book. And more.


I wrote this book with Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodriguez in mind. I wanted the book to play out like Pulp Fiction. I stacked it full of pop culture references that only a killer fan would recognize ranging from literary to movies to music. If you get what im writing, you’re my reader.



Q: Why do you think vampire books are so popular?


A: They always have been popular going back to Bram Stoker. Why? Interest in the supernatural, romance, the combination of both. Anne Rice nailed it with her “Interview…” books. We love vampires because they’re anti-hero’s, they’re bad boys. Chicks dig that shit, guys wanna be that. In the last ten years there’s been renewed interest in all things occult and beyond because Hollywood re-created that industry and sold it to us and now we can’t get enough of it. God bless because I wanna sell books!


Q: What make’s Jewel different from other Vampires?


A: Honestly, she’s no different. She’s in it for power, greed and dominance and won’t stop at anything to attain it. The only obstacle in her path is Hell’s Bells. She made a friend and now she cares. That was a big time NO-NO on her part but it happened. Now she has to figure it out, deal with it and get it in line with her original agenda. Question is, does HB fit into her plan or not?




Q: What is a central theme in all of your books?


A: Book 1: Sisterhood & friendship amongst characters who have serious trust and anger issues. Books 2 +: Hells Bells / Jewel / Damien West, can they all co – exist with each other in this seemingly out control world dominated by conspiracy theory, UFOlogy and an impending (or is it?) apocalypse or can they remain dedicated to each other and not split and and plot against each other or worse yet….kill?



Q: Who are some of your literary influences?


A: H.P. Lovecraft, #1 influence; Edgar Allen Poe & Samuel Taylor Coleridge.



Q: What is Gangsters, Harlot’s and Thieves about?


A: Biographical account of my father’s upbringing in a skid row joint in the 40’s and 50’s in an obscure Northern Illinois town named Freeport. Hardcore, honest, pulls no punches. Gangsters, harlots and thieves is what the book is about and my dad’s experiences growing up around them. I tell my father’s story through his own voice and essays / poetry. If you dig “Sin City” by Frank Miller you’ll like this book only this is the REAL deal.



Q: What inspired you to write a story set in the forties?


A: My story is NOT set in the 40’s. It’s set in the present day but I have chapters where I go back in time and tell a particular characters story / origin. Everything happens present day and it’s predominantly based in NYC as opposed to Austin TX which I keep hearing which I don’t freakin’ understand…



Q: What’s the most unusual thing you have done to promote your book?


A: Unusual or REGRETFUL? Rather not say. Next question.



Q: What kind of day job (or income source) do you have and how does it influence your writing?


A: I do IT work. The tech aspect does influence me quite a bit because that’s the part I dig and just eat up, I read as much as I can and yeah, that does influence me.



Q: If you could meet Dracula or Nosferatu who would you pick and why?


A: I’d go Drac. I know I’m gonna die so why not party in the castle and hang out with hot vamp chicks before my inevitable happens, right? Plus knowing Dracula I can bargain with him and maybe, just maybe convince him to make me immortal which I want!



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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