An Interview With Rapper Arsenal E’ Vega

 arsenale vega

Arsenal E’ Vega is a rapper who wrote the song Rose Gold , here is a link to his YouTube page:






Q: What made you want to be a rapper?


A: I wanted to be a rapper because I felt like I don’t really have the voice to sing and my love for music is too strong not to pursue it so I decide the next best thing would be to rap.


Q: Who are some of your influences?


A:Well artists that really made me want to rap has to be Eminem and Fabolous; now a days drake, Lil Wayne and of course Kanye west keep me inspired to give it my all and to not give up.


Q: What makes your music unique?


A:he same thing that makes a snowflake unique from another no matter how similar we all are we all still different my story is always and only going to be mys so in turn my music reflects that I stand by that so I put it all on the table as such I’m not going to sell them a dream I’m going to keep it real express my self hope the people see that hear that and like that.


Q: What is Rose Gold about?


A:Rose Gold was a song writen by me the video was produced by me and directed by Vcom it’s about hope and understand that you will always be your own worst enemy till this day I still doubt my self even with all that I already been through so it was a way of me to express that understand that and practice to over come that inner demon.


Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it affect your creative work?


A:I was a mail man for seven years I recently left the post office and I am now a super of a building; the post office left me little time to pursue my dreams even less time with a family but all in all it taught me life and business and never mixing the two

Up which again reflects on my music; now as a super I have more to work on the little things that I can do that will help me building a strong foundation on my career in music.


Q: What do you like about the music industry?


A:The sane reason I think most will like about industries it allows you to do something you love and make a living off it in some cases better then most while others fairly well.


Q: What would you change about it?


A:I don’t think at this point you can really change anything about i think you can improve it are add more to it but I wouldn’t and don’t believe you change anything really about it.


Q: How did you go about getting your music videos produced?


A:I believe in my self more then anyone and I’ve found that most directors don’t do music videos for a living they do it to make some quick cash so in turn when I pick and instrumental to even when I’m writing and record the actual song I’m thinking of ways on how to express what I’m putting together visually so since I had that much passion for myself and my product I decided that I will produce all my videos but still hire directors to shoot and edit the actual footage that we will collect.


Q: What is your strangest show biz story?


A:Man I think you got me on that one I can’t think of anytime where I would have called it strange; mostly I’ve learn in this business that everything is business very little personal if you look at the game there’s really only I would say ten spots a year that artists have to try to fill each year to make good that year; but for the most part I’ve been I guess luckily to not have run into much strange events yet.


Q: Can you write a rap about blogging?


I think you can write a rap about anything; look there’s thousands of blog sites and possibly millions of bloggers so someone will understand and know where your coming from if that’s what you decided you want to rap about; the hard part about music not just rap is getting people to listen to you that’s the hard part I’ve been nice for years my videos reflect a genius of a artist and my music is up there but it’s getting people to see behind what the media tells them is hot and giving you a real chance that’s the hard part rapping about blogging is easy is getting people to press play with the intentions of not judging but enjoying what you worked hard to make.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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