An Interview With Actor Andrew D. Ford

andrew ford




Andrew D. Ford is an aspiring actor in Portland, OR; here is a link to his website:



Q: What made you interested in acting?


A: I first became interested in film acting specifically because of classic films Conan The Barbarian and Predator where Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s on-screen presence and physic combined with perfect music score that convincingly created achient lands never seen before.

Q: What kind of training have you had?
A: I trained under long time successful actor Jesse Lee Vint (III) in “Organic” acting. He like Marlon Brando was a Oklahoma farm boy who quickly seperated himself from other actors in L.A. being accepted and graduating from The famous L.A. Actor’s Studio. Mr Vint doesn’t exactly teach methods, more than that I was taught to “Activate my soul”, with no pretending and animated “Face Actor” acting unless the scene called for that speciffically like the Disney channel and others often do.

Q: Who are some of your influences?
A: .Some of my influences where Actors like Robin Williams who are incredibly blessed in the voice over area -I’m a human “Liar Bird” mimmicker by nature but have a limited canvas (Appearance) like Robin Williams. After my audition at Cast Iron Studios (Grimm) I was asked to additional perform my Elmo (Muppet) impression….they loved it saying “Wow…that, that was ELMO…You know you should take over for that guy who used to do the voice of Elmo and got caught up in that Child scandal”.

Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it influences your acting?
A: I’ve been pursuing an acting career career full time for the past 2-years otherwise, I couldn’t catch potential oppurtunities online.

Q: What is your oddest onset story?
A: My oddest story is on the set of Grimm during the season 3-Finale at the wedding I thought up and told Danny Bruno how to make The Grimm’s glasses accidently fall off because of a wedding guest shoving past DET. Nick Burkhart. When we were called back into the room after they practised setting-up the scene physicalities Director Norberto Barbera says” Yah, hey thanks to who ever came up with that idea”… go figure…lol.

Q: What is Confessionals about?
A: The editor of Deep Dark Indie Feature brought me into Confessionals actually Confessionals is really one of those played-out group circle type short films where different people from all walks of life come together to understand one another. What sets Confessionals apart is the script of course but more than that the level of believibility of the actors so that you don’t get that cheap, B-rated, un even actor performance feeling.

Q: What role do you play?
A: I play Steven a Business man with his own company who is kind of a oppitimist who believes in hiring felons giving them a second chance in life; almost like a Christian boss. He comes to the group circle to gain insight into understanding a felons mind-set so that he doesn’t judge them wrongly and flat out just doesn’t feel paraniod….lol.

Q: To what method of acting do you ascribe?
A: I don’t get into methods because that means acting is a thing and not a person which is false. Even if a actor only has 3-lines the actor should say them as if he believes what he is saying so the audience will too. I myself mentaly prepare to BE “the charactor” as if I MY SELF were in the script, and in a dream, slowing execute my lines I pay attention to how I sound and feel…..and by listening to yourself judging if you sound and feel true.

Q: Why Portland and not NYC or LA?
A: I choose Portland because I was lucky enough to figure out that right across the bridge was what’s becoming known as “North Hollywood”. Oregon has as high tax incentives and grants combined as Hawaii (19%) but all possible environments; not merely tropical. In L.A. or NY or totally different markets where in general you need to “Max out”, “Break-out”, or produce your own film that gets noticed in your smaller markat city FIRST ,otherwise you will have nothing to compete with…. this happened to Celeb actor Vin Diesel twice.

Q: I worked as a background extra in Los Angeles and I found it t be very degrading. We were not allowed to talk to the principal actors and there were separate lines for food for the extras and the stars; are things any better in Portland?
A: Yes, I have BG experience working on Leverage and Grimm TV series as it was one of the tools I used to figure out how the Film industry works. BG work must be put into proper positive perspective because everyone must yield to the projects need and become apart of the team like anything else in life; do not under estimate your ability to network and get noticed I know local actors who do it FT with their SAG Cards and make a living… however, I’m not that Portland’s BG work is better than ever with Grimm, The Librarians, Portlandia running stronger than ever and with a possible Runestone TV series with some big names attached; not to mention major films like Wild randomly popping-up. Also, during our week long Portland Film Festival (Hash Tag #PDXFF14) we had several celebs Screening their films in attendance including Jason Momoa (Road To Paloma), Sean Penn (The Human Experiment), Glena Avila (Glena), Haley Joel Osment (Sex Ed), Toby Froud (Lessons Learned); In between several Actor Workshops I attended and they were some of the best films EVER and it could only have happened in this place in this time in Portland, Oregon.





Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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