An Interview With Futurist Katie Aquino



Katie Aquino or “Miss Metaverse” is a Futurist, here is a link to her website:




Q: What exactly is a futurist?



A: A futurist is a professional who studies trends, statistics, and other data to determine what the future might be like. Companies and entrepreneurs hire futurists as a consultant and/or keynote speaker to share insights about the future. In the business world, most of us think about each quarter or year and not the next 5, 10, or 20 years ahead of now, so a futurist helps inspire companies by thinking about the future.


Q: What qualifies you to be one?



A: While there are a few degrees out there in futures studies, futurism is something you’re born with. Futurists aren’t sitting at a 9-5 and then say f*ck it, I think I’ll quit and become a futurist. Futurism is an obsession with the future. When I discovered futurism, or futurology as some might call it, I was so relieved. I finally had found the others.


Q: You have said that you believe Mars will be colonized with in our lifetimes what are you basing this belief on?


A: Mars will definitely be colonized, hopefully in my lifetime. Elon Musk said on CNBC that he’s hopeful that the first visitors to Mars can be taken in 10-12 years. Elon also said that what really matters in the long term is to have a self-sustaining city on Mars, to make life multiplantery, and that will define the future of human civilization.. that either we will be a multi-planet species or remain a single planet species until an eventual extinction event either planetary or manmade.


Q: What will voting and politics be like in the future?


A: Voting in the not too distant future will be like many of the “customized experiences” of the future. Politicians might share exactly why they deserve your vote, based off your own personal data such as accident history, medical records, or even shopping habits. Our voting system already still seems rather primitive, so we’ll surely see a change in the way we secure our ballots, likely using fingerprints (as the iPhone already features) and we may have a verified system which will prevent those little “random mistake” votes from sneaking in.


Q: What will wearable technology be like in the future?


A: Wearable tech is such a huge topic right now. We are JUST entering the age of wearables and in the next 10 years we’ll forget what life will be like without having everything connected to the web. We’re about to become totally connected with shirts that monitor our health in ways unlike ever before. We will be making video calls through our smart watches very soon. It’s all really exciting.. the future is finally here.


Q: Based on texting and internet communication, what will language be like in the future?


A: I believe that in the not too distant future we’ll communicate each other and with technology telepathically and clairvoyantly. meaning we’ll share thoughts instantly and be able to use technology as a true extension of ourselves. We’ll communicate clairvoyantly because we’ll communicate in ways that we’ll “see” what each other are thinking. We’re already experiencing this in the way that we use mojis to express our feelings, as well as with the use of meme and quote photos on social media. We’ll be multitasking so much in the future that we won’t have time to text and the concept of staring down at a phone will become … ancient and extinct.


Q:  How will we evolve physically in the future?


A: There are many scientists who come up with their own ideas of how we’ll evolve physically in the future. I believe we’ll evolve ourselves before any natural evolution could take place. There’s already two cyborgs living on Earth right now. Let’s leave that for our next discussion.


Q: What will be the biggest industry in the future?


A: The biggest industry in the future? That is extremely hard to say… when we say “the future” it could mean 20, 100, or 100,000 years! The future world of virtual reality.. *cough* aka THE METAVERSE is something to look forward to.


Q: How will dating and mating change in the future?


A: In the future, intimacy will begin in a virtual world and unlike today where we Tinder swipe onto the next potential date, we’ll date on a much deeper level. In the future, being intimate will mean an invite to come explore another person’s virtual universe and the experience of truly exploring the free mind of another person. We already experience this when we are invited as a friend on our date’s social media accounts. Social media is like exploring another person’s mind and in the future just times that by 1000… that will be the future of dating, intimacy, and virtual reality.


Q:  When will I be able to have a robot friend and how much of his personality will I be able to control.


A: Check out Intel’s 21st Century Robot project. Intel created Jimmy, a robot you can 3D print at home and build yourself using a kit! Since Jimmy is open-sourced, you can program him yourself. This is one of many robots that will be coming to the consumers market in the next year.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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