An Interview With Actress and Producer Deborah Funes






Deborah Funes is an actress who appears in the upcoming film The Mob and the producer of the film Touch MY Heart here is a link to the website:


Q: What is The Mob about? 

A: I can’t talk to much about that film project at this time. The only think that I can say is that “The Mob” is about Italian mafia from 1940’s and 1950’s.

Q: What role do you play?

A: I will play an Italian woman.

Q: What kind of experiences did you draw from when preparing for the role?

A: I speak a little Italian so will not be difficult to memorize my lines in that language. At the same time will be an opportunity to practice.

Q: What are some of your favorite feminist revenge movies?

A: I love feminist revenge type of movies as I am a feminist…(smiles). One of my favorites was “Fatal Attraction” with some of my favorite actors Michel Douglas and Glenn Close. I saw that movie a long time ago and was very strong…Maybe I should watch it again.

An other feminist revenge movie that I liked was “Enough” , with Jennifer Lopez.  But my favorite women’s revenge movie is “The War of The Roses”. Even if is an old movie from the 80’s I think was hilarious. Again with Michael Douglas…he is a great actor!.


Q: What kind of training have you had?


A: My acting training started at the age of six when I was lead actress at the plays in the school. We used to have an amazing stage and I had to perform in front of hundreds of people (parents, teachers and nuns).

Later in life I had done TV commercials, pilots for american TV series and sketch for Latin TV shows.

All those experiences were training me in front of the camera. From 2004 I toke acting class with many professors.  Some of then were successful actors that now are retired. I like to train to challenge myself.


Q:  What kind of day jobs have you had and how do they influence your acting?

A: I don’t have a day job. I work 24/7 managing my career: I am my own PR, my own Booking Agent, Art Director for photo shoots, calendars,web sites, souvenirs, I am my own Social Media Manager and  Marketing Director.

To be able to do all this activities correctly I studied at the University, I graduated, and train. I also give guidance to other talents who want to be in charge of the own careers and succeed.

On my little extra time I work in vacations rentals.

This activities keep me busy and of course influence my career big time.


Q: What is your oddest on set story?

A: The most weird thing that happened to me on set was during my first feature film: A naked old man appeared in a Hunting House to scare a group of students. We didn’t see that coming so honestly we been all scared for real to the point that one of the girls was vomiting after we shoot that scene. Latter that night I was in need of a ride to my hotel and that actor offered me to take me in his truck. Favor that I rejected because I was still in shock.


Q: What do you miss about Argentina?

A: I miss my friends and family more than anything else. I miss the bread and bakery that is extremely fresh as they manufacture all in front of your eyes. I miss the vegetables that are mostly organic so they have natural color, shape and are more tasteful.  I miss the coffee places. Starbucks didn’t exist when I was living there so the coffee places that I am missing are the ones where people drink real coffee from Argentina adding some liquor and eating amazing cakes. In special in winter time those coffee places are the best where people get together to have long conversations by the fire. I miss the way that they design the cities…people in Argentina walk a lot…I can’ live in a city or area where I can not walk. I need to bread the air, I need to feel the sun in my face and feel the energy of the city. That’s why my main cities in the US are Miami Beach and Manhattan.

Q: What do you like about Miami?

A: The green and the water. When I was a child I wanted to be a swam to be able to be between the green and the water. When I was a teenager I saw the people living between the green and the water in Miami Vice TV series. I used to draw myself in an hammock between two palms…now I am here and I love it!  I also like the variety of cultures in Miami Beach. This is a city where you can make friends from all over the world.

Social and entertainment are very important to me, so this is the place to be.


Q: What is next for you?


A:  I am producing my first feature film “Touch MY Heart”. I am writing the story, and preparing the funding campaign by Indiegogo now as we are on very early stage of development.

“Touch My Heart” is an inspiring feature film based in a real story part of my life and is about an actress who experienced

the worst nightmare when the doctors find a big tumor with metastasis. Tumor that was growing for many years of emotional struggles with family, ex boyfriends, the loss of her grandparents and the lack of true love in her life. Facing Brest Cancer, she decide shrink the tumor before the scheduled visit with the oncologist.  She began to research natural remedies, healing herbs and special diets. She has to confront her deepest feelingsand painful past experiences to conquer sadness and distress.


I am really focus in to produce this film…believe me or not this story happened for real on the last6 month. Now that I am a cancer survivor, that I am healthier than never before, that my courage and faith are stronger, plus all the knowledge that I got to be able to myself, I am happy and I feel so much power in my life. I want to help others with this movie. Not only to heal cancer but to prevent it. People from all over the world are contacting me to ask questions about Natural Healing of Cancer. It is an honor to be able to help. I want to spread the world with my experience. This movie will give hope to many people as it is a very contagious story that will touch the life of many people, in special people who have or had  cancer, or people who had loss someone with cancer. COLLABORATE WITH THIS GREAT FILM PROJECT AND CAUSE AT: more information about “Touch My Heart” film project please feel free to follow at:

And follow me and my acting career at:


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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