An Interview With Author Monty Schwarzenberg





Monty Schwarzenberg is a former high fashion photographer and the author of the novels The Me Nobody Knows and Cuckoo Heart; here is a link to his website:


Q: What is The Me Nobody Knows about?


A: It’s a love story between two loners that, in their reciprocal passion, find a safe haven to heal their spirits from the deep scars carved by horrifying childhoods.

She is a beautiful teenager in the run trying to leave behind years of physical and mental abuse. He is forty-year-old part-time fashion photographer and adventurer taking ingenious advantage of his good fortune and temporary success.

From the first moment they met, he felled irremediably in love. And, by means of good luck and powerful influences, he helped her to become a superstar. Achieving fame and making a small fortune out of their professional collaboration.

Soon after a rickety start, crammed with infidelity and frustration, she falls in love as well, and together they find a fulfilling path to make sense out of their lives, staying together happily ever after. Unfortunately, like in all love stories, there is no happy end because one of them would die before the other.​


Q: What inspired you to write it?


A: Love at first sight. I was compelled by that mysterious spark that drew people into unexplainable relationships every time a reciprocal passion was shared in return. I fell in love with six women along sixty years and every time, I was convinced of finding the real one; until the magical spark reappeared and love happened again.

To be alive has been the greatest experience and the way love affected my aging process found a new way out in the form of written words.



Q: You say in you bio on your web page that the supermodels you work with are “the last creatures on earth that fully understand their basic function as human being,” why do you think that?


A: Models are one of the few human creatures that truly understand that our most basic elemental mission is replicating ourselves in small copies. Descendants that we must feed and care for until they are ready to initiate their own new cycle and we can survive as living specie. By randomness in ours, females have the duty of attracting the healthier male partners to produce the better possible progeny.

Supermodels are the epitome of perfection and they exercise like none others the duty of seducing males for mating purposes. Even though 99% of that seduction process is just theoretical and should never be grounds for abuse, it is a constant reminder in a world where women are hated and degraded by fearful pathetic men.


Q: What are some of the projects you worked on as a high fashion photographer?


A: Galliano, Lacroix, Kenzo, Ferre, among my favorite and…etc., etc., etc​


Q: Were eating disorders as common as most people think?


A: Not at all. People tend to denigrate from anyone that achieves success, always with baseless assumptions. Fashion models are so thin because it is a job requirement and beauty is their priority. And aside from amazingly fast metabolisms, they eat less and better than the common and live healthier lifestyles with an emphasis in intensive physical activities, sex and pampering.

Q: What was your most memorable work story?


A: Once, I was filming a television spot with a supermodel that grew extremely impatient with a technician from my crew that needed to hook her up with a wireless microphone. She demanded that I would perform that task because the man was hurting her. I went to her dressing room not knowing that the wireless box was on and the sound mixer decided to record our conversation for unknown reasons…The results of that recording taught me that things are never as they seem to be nor as people perceive them. “Oh, you’re finally here,” she said. “We are kind of late,” I uttered. “Where do you want me to put it?” “I don’t care,” she responded. “Put it anywhere you want.” “Would you be okay if I put it behind?” I continued “I told you that I don’t care as far as you do it right.” She said. Moments later, “Ouch, it hurts.” “Sorry.” “Let me look at that thing… Oh my gosh, it’s so small.” “It is what it is and you need to deal with it…I won’t take long.” Therefore, don’t believe what you hear out there. The story went around the city and created an amazing false impression out of nothing.​


Q: Who are some of your literary influences?


A: I was deeply influenced by every single author whose stories I enjoyed to the end. I learned that people only read whatever is compelling to their lives and fantasies. ​


Q: When and how did you find out your father was a spy?


A: He told me on a winter night in 1964. He was under his usual alcoholic intoxication and he confessed the unbearable regret of having betrayed people that he cared for in the name of duty and love for the country. Amid drunken sobs, he told me that he spied for the allied forces during WWII and he carried the guilt sending some of his pretended friends to death or punishment. Like all human beings, he grew fond of the people he shared his life with and duty forced him to kill them. ​


Q: What is Cuckoo Heart about?

A: is farce about human integration between people with two different upbringings, education and lifestyles that are imprisoned and obligated to share their lives in a place that they can’t physically leave. At the end of the day, they were all equal…always ready to fuck, always ready to kill.​



Q: What life experiences did you draw from to write it?


A: From residing in South Florida for the last fourteen years and still being unable to determine if, Latinos will ever become Americanized or vice versa, a new breed of American Latinos.​


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)




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