An Interview With Karma The Game Creator Rene Reyes


Rene Reyes is the creator of the online dating game Karma the Game of Destiny; here is a link to the website:


Q: How is Karma different from other dating aps such as like Tinder and Grindr?


A: Even though Tinder, Grindr and Badoo all call themselves games, they are just people locators.  It’s distracting and even fun looking through pictures and fantasizing about all these people and maybe meeting someone, but they promote superficial relationships.  The Game gives privacy or control over who sees and most of all it allows Player to play with other players, by sharing music, hiding, doing astrology, playing Truth or Bomb and sharing private pictures through the Safe along with the ability to share and see other social networks with the click of a button with whom you chose.


Q:  How do you play the game?



A: First you have to choose to enter the Game through 1 of 3 doors, Values, Compatibility or Intimate Preferences.  Then you pick an Avatar and Enter the game.  Once in the game, the site is laid out as a playing board interface with easy to use buttons rather than a typical scrolling websites.


Q: What is a “truth bomb?”


A: A Truth Bomb is a “Risk” card like in a board game.  The idea is to create conversation of different levels regarding relationship, challenges and surprises…


Q: What does one do on the “adventures?”


A: The adventures of the game are the dates, playing online while courting and the adventures that the Truth Bombs will send people on.


Q: How do you prevent someone from making a fake profile?


A: There are basically 2 kinds of FAKE profiles.  Operated and Non-Operated (Profiles dating sites use to pretend they have more users to attract more users) Re: Operated There is no “free indefinitely” option which is where most fraud happens.  We only give the first 30 Days free.  We do not allow an IP Address to have more than 10 connections.  Going beyond this in a short time will “Tilt” the game and you won’t be able to operate from the same computer.  And

Here is where the magic lies and why it is called Karma.  People can create fake profiles just like they do on every other dating site.  However, because Players can ZAP other players, the fake profile operators will have to commit a lot of time resource to convincing other player they are real in order not to be ZAPPED.  And it’s a Game not a subscription so if someone knocks you off you have to pay again to play.  At least at the $1.99 level (1 Life for 30 Days).  If you get 6 live for $6.99 the you will lose a life and everyone will both know who ZAPS and who got ZAPPED.


Q:  How does one get zapped?


A: There are 7 GAME Buttons – HIDE, CHAT, GROUP, OUTING, MUSIC, ZAP and BAIL.  Once you pick an Avatar you can click any of these buttons to open the Popup with instructions and warnings.  If you’re sincere you probably won’t get Zapped, but if yu are rude or inappropriate it is very likely you’ll get Zapped.


Q: What kind of research did you do for your game?


A: If you know me you’d find that I have been studying relationships and community for most of my life but on the factual side, I started joining dating sites in 2007 after getting a divorce and had especially been pondering how I could build a dating site that was better or different than the majority of sites out there.  It wasn’t until 2013 that I had culminated all of my research into the idea of a Game and began developing the algorithms for the 3 Doors and the logic of the game.  I also quantified all of the knowledge that I had gathered by organizing all of the data on the industry for Dating as well as Games.


Q:  How does one become a brand ambassador?


A: A Brand Ambassador can make residual income even if just their friends are playing.  And depending on how many friends they have it could be be a substantial monthly return.  Maybe for buying school books or extra movie money or whatever you need a little extra income for.  Becoming a Brand Ambassador is easy.  Just click Ambassadors on the site and register.  Brand Ambassadors will also be able to add “Things to Do” from their private portal to the game.


Q:     Why do you think internet dating has become so popular?


A: The internet is a new reality.  A virtual space that we are just learning how to use.  We are social beings and many people feel alone, even in relationships.  The internet provides resources and connections that would have been difficult or impossible to have 20 years ago.  Even less.  Now that we can reach out, we will do so at ever increasing rates.  As comfort grows and people who are afraid to do it become less afraid it will become even more popular.  This market isn’t going away any time soon.


Q: What if I don’t have a soul, do I not get to mate?


A: I see you like to open all the cans of worms.  Lol.  For the Game a Soulmate is really more of a “like minded” individual based on likes and desires and honesty.  It’s a metaphor for feeling acceptable, as you are, to another human being.  The Soul is not really synonymous with Spirit (or the Energy that transitions from the Body to something else) but a reflection of the totality of who we are in our substantial skin within our cultural and societal group.  What makes us tick.  What turns us on.  What do we like to do.  What are our desires.  The Game will help you find you Soulmates, it’s up to you to determine if from within that group is your Soulmate.  (or your like minded partner.)



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)




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