An Interview With Spiritual Consultant And Author Cher Slater Barlevi


Cher Slater Barlevi is a spiritual consultant and the author of the book DOG of GOD: The Novel, here is a link to her website:


Q: What does a spiritual consultant do?


A: As we step into the new paradigm it can be a bumpy road because every thing that we knew before doesn’t seem to work or bring us satisfaction any longer. This paradigm is referred to the Age of Aquarius, where we are the stepping from the 3rd and 4th dimensions into the 5th. I am a Way Shower; as a clairvoyant, I am able to see through that curtain that separates us from the Otherside and share what I see. An enormous amount of souls are awakening now;  they are confused and  thirsty for the knowledge and guidance, and that is where a spiritual consultant comes in



Q: What qualifies one for the job?


A: I have been preparing for this consciousness movement for more than 40 years, culminating my learning with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. With my peers and fellow students, we are gathering a community of awakened souls to carry and share a new way of learning, teaching, healing, and being.


Dog of God: the Novel transports the reader into the 5th dimension or (the Otherside) through the eyes of a dog wanting to know what and how to heal people; all the while healing his confused understanding of human life. His guide is the all knowing: THE VOICE…the inner voice, that we all have. The path to healing and enlightenment is to learn how to trust this Voice within implicitly. And to discern when you are listening to the Voice (your God-self) and not your ego-self.


Excerpt from the book:







In the space where there are no words – I am.

Although I understand every language ever created.


I dwell here also without ‘time’ to lead me astray.

I know no ‘space’ to make me large or small.


I only know what is… Is.

Is-ness exists only in my knowing, yet I can know

All at one time. Because that is all there is.


I love intensely.

I only know love.

I am love.


I look for humor everywhere

and look upon humor is the greatest healer.

But what is healing?

Healing is returning to our innate perfection.

Healing is the perfect teacher of Souls.

I am the caretaker of Souls.

They are the caretakers of Me.


We are one.


I speak softly most often.

Sometimes I need to yell.

I am the voice.



Q: What are soul paintings?


A: Since I was a child I was able to see the soul of the person upon meeting them for the first time. When I paint with the person in mind, magical things appear on my canvas, unexplained things having to do with the mission and direction that Divine Being has come here to learn and do in the human experience. Information comes in symbols sometimes, or it comes in what looks like a story in a painting  It always surprises me to see images, guides, and family members who magically appear in the paintings with information that they want to convey. I am able to create paintings for clients which have messages to do with the mission of their particular soul.


Q: How do you go about creating one?


A: Usually I am commissioned by someone with a strong intention to know about their mission they’ve come to employ here on this Earth. Then I set a strong intention and go into a meditative state, asking the Ascended Masters to lead me in my painting. I paint a representation of the images that I see during the meditation.


Q: Who is John of God?


A: Joao De Dues, (Medium John of God) is a world-renowned Brazilian psychic surgeon who has been healing millions of people from all over the world, for over 45 years. To him, I owe my life the quality I have now. I was walking two canes after a car accident and looking at a life of being a cripple and in pain for the rest of my life. John of God was able to help me construct the life that I truly wanted to live — being able to hike, to bike, to dance. And all of it, without any pain whatsoever. The things that I experienced and learned through this journey made it possible to write my 1st novel:

DoG of GoD: the novel

a wild romp through magical worlds


Q: How did you come to meet and work with him?


A: I run in an informed crowd. Anything new and unusual in the healing modalities, are at my fingertips and hearing shot, at all times. When I was told that I would have to live my life as a cripple, in immense pain for the rest of my life;  I chose to look into to the unconventional ways of healing. Shortly after, a friend of mine happened to call and tell me that she had just heard about John God; she had 11 surgeries due to an infection in her jaw.  She’d been told the 12th surgery was going to be very close to her brain and she opted to go work with John God…She invited me to go with her and one of God’s angels was introduced into my life to help me heal. I listened, and acted. I came to him walking on 2 canes and after 2 weeks left without any.  Likewise my friend was spared the 12th operation.


John of God brings hope to the hopeless. John of God brings a connection to the possibilities extended to us from other dimensions. And John of God’s loyalty to this mission is beyond all measure. When I was there, I met a little dog (Xico) that was a little dog renowned the village in Brazil where I went to work with John of God for healing. The experience with Xico inspired me to write my novel, and use my ability to “see” dimensions of Spirit, to help explain and bring alive the profound healing that John of God facilitates.


Q: How much of your Dog of God: The Novel, is real and how much is fictionalized?


A: DOG OF GOD is based on true facts. I just was asked by John of God to change the names and places. The book appears as fiction because it’s written in a non-conventional way. Like most works of Fiction, there is a large river of truth that feeds the characters and situations.


Q: You say you wrote it in an unconventional style; how so?


A: Well, I have written most of the book in dialogue and I have coined new words in the creative language of the dolphins .It is written in a very experiential way, so that the reader feels like they are in a film. I take readers way out of the box and into spiritual dimensions beyond the physical plain and refer to it as the real Reality. The storyteller speaks…with incomplete sentences, run on sentences, and no punctuation except periods, question marks, commas, and double dashes—and maybe an explanation mark here and there


The book is referred to as unconventional…or just plain weird…or a heck of a lot of fun!   I love breaking rules, like most of us ‘Boomers’ do.


Q: What other kinds of jobs have you had and how did they effect your ability to pursue your current career?


A: Right now iI am traveling all over the world promoting my book. That rocks! Before novel writing I was a screenwriter for 12 years in Hollywood. Screenwriting has always been my passion–I love telling stories that are reality based. The up and down grind of show biz became something that was holding me back as an artist; which caused me to look at writing the novel. I’m just doing the same thing only in a different form; and with a much larger venue. The space of a novel is vast, you can go anywhere with it. I love that freedom.


I would like to return to writing screenplays, and fortunately a couple of opportunities are knocking at my door. I have passion for writing, I love what I do and I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life; it fills me with an appreciation for being alive.



Q: What are some of the children’s books you have written?


A: I illustrated the award winning SPOOKY HAND MYSTERY with Children’s press.

I illustrated THE MERRY GO ROUND (Children’s press) and teen text books…one being, an ALGEBRA TEXT book that had a sense of humor.

I worked with Toddy Fields and Jeremy Tarcher on her humorous coffee table book.

And… I have a number of unpublished books that I’ve written, but sit in my art studio because I’m the illustrator…on tour…all over the world. So much awaits me. I will NEVER be bored!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)



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