An Interview With GreenSurance Founder Kari Gray



Kari Gray is the founder of GreenSurance; here is a link to the website:




Q:  What is GreenSurance?


A: The People’s Voice for Insured Alternative Medicine


Q:  Would pharmaceutical medications be covered as well?


A: They will not be covered by the policies once in force, This is 100% alternative medicine which is not covered by conventional insurance. We are not duplicating what is instead we’re pioneering a voice for coverage for what has never been covered before.


Q: What kind of providers are you looking for?


A: Integrative, Complimentary, Holistic & Alternative


Q:  Will marijuana be covered?


A: Hemp or CDB nothing illegal unless prescribed


Q:  Will it count as insurance in terms of Obama Care?


A: No this is not Obamacare


Q:  What is your personal background in alternative medicine?


A: At 27, as a young wife and mother I faced the unthinkable; terminal liver cancer and two ‘no hope of survival’ medical diagnosis. Faced with certain death and left with no medical options, I chose to ‘fight like a girl”. It was that choice and the determination to never give in, that put me on the path to a changed life. As a terminally ill person, I had a small window of opportunity to seize before the clock ran out. Making the alternative choice meant I was to carry the financial load of paying insurance premiums for my family while self-funding  my alternative cancer care that cost thousands in a time sensitive window.


Working with an alternative practitioner, I followed a battery of treatments prescribed which included changes in diet, work, thinking, emotions, living, and more. Nothing remained the same as she now spent thousands on organic foods, multiple cleanses, detoxes, and myriads of food supplements, plus the equipment needed to manage the life crisis


It was life altering to say the least” because what frustrated me most was no matter the premiums I paid, I had no medical options and no say in insured treatment choice. Left without medical options, my life looking back was a ‘death sentence’ that saved me because it pushed me to chose alternative. And while my insurance company called what I chose “out of coverage” and “unproven”, the results eight months later proved all the money spent was the best money I could have ever spent when new blood work verified my enzyme count was normal. New test results verified I was diagnosed a cancer free miracle! That was 25 years ago.


Q:  Your website says that you had a business that gave you access to confidential court document records; what kind of business was it?


A: Litigation funding


Q: In her book Gulp Mary Roach says her  research indicated that neither pharmaceuticals or natural alternatives are the best thing to cure intestinal aliments and that fecal transplant is the best alternative. What are your feelings about this procedure?


A: I can’t speak because I have no idea what this is


Q:  Why do you think people are hesitant to try alternative medicine?


A: People are uneducated and kept intimidated by the medical cartel who controls people out of fear and ignorance of the beautiful healing power each of our bodies posses.


Q: Why do you think so many pharmaceutical drugs are approved and later taken off the market?


A: Because the FDA is in bed with big pharma. Do the research and you will see the executives of Big Pharma as directors and inspectors of the FDA. They’re the fox guarding the hen house.


In my experience through litigation funding, court documents tell the story. FDA approved patent drugs empowers big pharma to promote ‘off brand use’ to capture all the market in the 20 year patent protection window. With that they know so many people will be injured and die and they call it the ‘ cost of doing business’ the human suffering that happens when profits are put over people. Tens of billions in profits settled by pennies on the dollar settlements to the injured is the game, and its a profitable ‘game’ at that. It’s a numbers game that comes in the way of lives ruined, healths destroyed.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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