An Interview With Writer/Actress Liane Langford




Liane Langford is an actress and the author of My Life as Julia Roberts; here is a link to her IMDB page:


Q: What made you interested in acting?


A: I was surrounded by the film industry most of my life, my family was involved in one way or another. My uncle John was a major exec. for Universal. I started out singing in the 3rd grade and by the 7th I just couldn’t take it anymore, So I asked if I could join drama and I was hooked the moment I heard the laughter from the audience. It came easy to me.

Q: What inspired you to write My Life as Julia Roberts?


A: Well I had been told by many through the years, that I looked exactly like Julia Roberts. It seemed to follow me everywhere I went. I became everyones favorite Julia movie character. It was amazing, how many curcumstanses came up where I was mistaken for her, even in the hospital with a Crohns flare, The nurse asked me if I was Julia and that I had to come clean and tell her! ahahaha! In Costco, This guy asked me if I was Julia, I said “No”, He came back , And said “Are you sure??”
I think my inspiration for “My Life As Julia Roberts” came from my own life and Julia’s constantly clashing. I had been writing for years and that voice…not the one you get put away for! The one that tells you that you can’t run from writing. So I began to have these ideas and sometimes I had to use napkins to write on. I would go down to Big Sur, clear my mind and just let it flow.
The stories are true stories, and the tales are comedic, but a sort of dark comedy. It has become very popular and many poeple share their favorite stories with me. I just am so happy that People can find themselves in this book.


Q: You have very interesting demo reels; how did you come up with them?


A: I love to create and I am a big ham so while waiting for my real REEL, I decided to create something (videos) so anybody interested could watch. They can see the way I move and look. I only posted two and yes I have more! I had a blast doing them. It is the same process, like my writing I will be thinking or I hear some music and BAM! I know what I want to do, its that way with my modeling shoots as well.



Q: How has having Crohn’s Disease affected your acting career?


A: Having Crohn’s is a very challenging situation, It has not stopped me.

I rest when I need to, I work out with ballet. I see the beauty in everything around me and I keep moving forward.


Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence you as an actor?


A: I do many different things. I am an Art Director/Curator and Producer. I have my book I keep going with different projects. It has been very good because I make my own hours, So I am free to Act. Everything I do influences me in the creative process.



Q: What are some of the advantages of having grown up in Los Angeles?


A: I loved growing upon Los Angeles. Yes I think I do have an edge having been there I know how many things work because of my family.


Q: What is Natural Born Filmmakers about?


A: NATURAL BORN FILMMAKERS chronicles what’s it’s like in the indie film world as a guy and a girl filmmaker find out first hand what’s it’s like to borrow money from the mafia and get burned by a distributor. It ain’t pretty. Its Directed by two of my favorite people Steve Oakley and Melanie Grunder, I adore them and had a blast on set.


Q:  What role do you play?


A: I played a rather nasty bartender, she was very much a Dominatrix, So imagine me “serving” you!

named “Brenda The BadAss Bartender” . The film will be going to many festivals this year, first one is “Action on Film Festival” in August, so I am excited!


Q: Has your resemblance to Julia Roberts helped or hurt your career?


A: Oh Boy that is a tough one. There is a script being written for me, its about an actress that can’t get any work because someone else has her face. Sound Familiar? I would have to say no. although it can be a challenge when you are playing an assassin and the director comes up and mentions just before “ACTION” that I look very Julia!


Q:  What one thing would you like to change about the film industry?


A: I love this question. I really thought about it, And I would have to say Social Media. It is a great tool for actors and anybody in that field, but it has to be used and not abused. So I say let’s keep networking!




Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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