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An Interview With Writer/Actress Liane Langford




Liane Langford is an actress and the author of My Life as Julia Roberts; here is a link to her IMDB page:


Q: What made you interested in acting?


A: I was surrounded by the film industry most of my life, my family was involved in one way or another. My uncle John was a major exec. for Universal. I started out singing in the 3rd grade and by the 7th I just couldn’t take it anymore, So I asked if I could join drama and I was hooked the moment I heard the laughter from the audience. It came easy to me.

Q: What inspired you to write My Life as Julia Roberts?


A: Well I had been told by many through the years, that I looked exactly like Julia Roberts. It seemed to follow me everywhere I went. I became everyones favorite Julia movie character. It was amazing, how many curcumstanses came up where I was mistaken for her, even in the hospital with a Crohns flare, The nurse asked me if I was Julia and that I had to come clean and tell her! ahahaha! In Costco, This guy asked me if I was Julia, I said “No”, He came back , And said “Are you sure??”
I think my inspiration for “My Life As Julia Roberts” came from my own life and Julia’s constantly clashing. I had been writing for years and that voice…not the one you get put away for! The one that tells you that you can’t run from writing. So I began to have these ideas and sometimes I had to use napkins to write on. I would go down to Big Sur, clear my mind and just let it flow.
The stories are true stories, and the tales are comedic, but a sort of dark comedy. It has become very popular and many poeple share their favorite stories with me. I just am so happy that People can find themselves in this book.


Q: You have very interesting demo reels; how did you come up with them?


A: I love to create and I am a big ham so while waiting for my real REEL, I decided to create something (videos) so anybody interested could watch. They can see the way I move and look. I only posted two and yes I have more! I had a blast doing them. It is the same process, like my writing I will be thinking or I hear some music and BAM! I know what I want to do, its that way with my modeling shoots as well.



Q: How has having Crohn’s Disease affected your acting career?


A: Having Crohn’s is a very challenging situation, It has not stopped me.

I rest when I need to, I work out with ballet. I see the beauty in everything around me and I keep moving forward.


Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence you as an actor?


A: I do many different things. I am an Art Director/Curator and Producer. I have my book I keep going with different projects. It has been very good because I make my own hours, So I am free to Act. Everything I do influences me in the creative process.



Q: What are some of the advantages of having grown up in Los Angeles?


A: I loved growing upon Los Angeles. Yes I think I do have an edge having been there I know how many things work because of my family.


Q: What is Natural Born Filmmakers about?


A: NATURAL BORN FILMMAKERS chronicles what’s it’s like in the indie film world as a guy and a girl filmmaker find out first hand what’s it’s like to borrow money from the mafia and get burned by a distributor. It ain’t pretty. Its Directed by two of my favorite people Steve Oakley and Melanie Grunder, I adore them and had a blast on set.


Q:  What role do you play?


A: I played a rather nasty bartender, she was very much a Dominatrix, So imagine me “serving” you!

named “Brenda The BadAss Bartender” . The film will be going to many festivals this year, first one is “Action on Film Festival” in August, so I am excited!


Q: Has your resemblance to Julia Roberts helped or hurt your career?


A: Oh Boy that is a tough one. There is a script being written for me, its about an actress that can’t get any work because someone else has her face. Sound Familiar? I would have to say no. although it can be a challenge when you are playing an assassin and the director comes up and mentions just before “ACTION” that I look very Julia!


Q:  What one thing would you like to change about the film industry?


A: I love this question. I really thought about it, And I would have to say Social Media. It is a great tool for actors and anybody in that field, but it has to be used and not abused. So I say let’s keep networking!




Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


An Interview With Health Advocate and Motivational Speaker Terry Raven

terry raven2




Terry Raven is a health advocate and motivational speaker; here is a link to her website:


Q: What kind of professional background do you have?


A:  My professional background includes Creating Pure Organic Healing Essential Oils (Custom-blends and pret a porter) for clients and customers, specializing in those who are already healthy and wish to maintain and/or elevate their state of health and those with chronic medical conditions who have tried and no longer desire to use traditional chemical-based medicine and opt for organic, concentrated alternative choices straight from nature.

I progressed to providing clients with motivational and life coaching sessions.

The two go hand in hand, as physical health influences the mind and its motivation and vice versa.

In like, people have an excellent company that provides all of their root and most important needs and wishes in one place.


Q: What made you interested in motivational speaking?


A:  My own personal experiences and survival and the realization to move others, is what interested me.

There’s nothing better and more effective than the very person who has been there and survived that and thrived, to move you to do the same.


Seeing the real difference that my public speaking and personal sessions makes in peoples’ careers, personal circumstances and lives, is what keeps me interested and passionate.


My initial question to each audience and clients is:

Do You Just Exist Or Do You Actually Live?


Q: What sets you apart from other motivational speakers?


A:  My personal story of my own adversities, life, wisdom, and the fact that I not only survived, but I thrived.


I’m not just a traditional classroom-schooled therapist who sits and listens and nods my head for 50 minutes while checking my watch (I don’t even wear a watch).


I’ve been in the worst, as well as the best circumstances, relationships, populations, zip codes. I’ve vividly experienced, keenly felt, battled, survived, learned from every one. Thus I bring all of those dimensions to my clients, their needs, wishes, goals.

Rather than merely talking at them and pointing to a conceptual blackboard and hoping they’ll understand and apply, I have my own experiences as the way of understanding them and customizing to their needs.


I use what has transpired to inspire.


Q: What made you interested in health advocacy?


A:  My lifestyle, despite every circumstance, led to my passion in health advocacy.


Due to my own experiences (My previous mentions of having been in the worst and best circumstances), some in which healthy options did not exist, led me to create something good out of bad or nothing. “You cannot control what happens to you. But you CAN control how you respond.”

The response is NOT to neglect one’s self, so that one can take care of one’s self in order to better take care of loved ones and/or the situation.

Jails, prisons, institutions, income levels, adversities promote preservatives and even carcinogens…

I learned that, even these instances, I could improvise and come up with healthy alternatives.

What the mind PREsees (not yet in the dictionary), it can achieve.


Another inspiration was more and more, younger and younger children with cancer.

Most cancers are rooted in education and nutrition or the lack thereof.

Fried, smoked, plastic-packaged foods contain high concentrations of carcinogens. Consumed too much, young systems are too overwhelmed to fight off the resulting cancer.

That’s the reason that my company donates at least 5% of every product sale to our charity:

Project Cancer Gift Lift.

Project Cancer Gift Lift provides gift bags (filled with botanical shampoo, cleansers, hoodies, food market gift cards for FRESH produce) to juvenile cancer survivors and their caretakers.

We’re working on gift cards for taxis and other transportation to chemo and  medical visits.


Q: What sort of educational background do you have?


A:  I was an honors student in high school and, honestly, that’s where my formal education ceased.

I went on to university and pre-law and psychology.

In my second year I left my sorority and left college.

Two years later my real and most harrowing, and, upon reflection, best education began:

The harshest realities, experience, and wisdom.


Like the porcelain doll that has been put through the fire and the phoenix that rose from it, nothing can break me and everything can only continue to teach and renew me.


Education is a state of mind.

The state of your mind is what propels you on the journey to your best learning.


Q: Do you think people in Los Angeles are more open to eating a healthier diet?


A:  Yes.

That’s because in L.A., it’s hip to be healthy.


I desire to advocate and ingrain that a healthy diet is not a trend, but a permanent way of life.


Personally, I STILL consider healthy, alternative products versus gooey, fun foods, a supreme and special treat.


Q: What are some of the surprising things you have learned in the job on nutritional coach?


A:  People still respond to fads of the moment (gluten-free much?)


Q: What do you like about the health food industry?


A:  I love that health foods are now much more accessible and readily available at mainstream markets, rather than just niche boutique markets such as Whole Foods.


Q: What would you change about it?


A:  I would change the fact that most vegan options, namely in L.A., contain nuts and/or soy.

Companies and eateries disregard facts that a majority of the American population is allergic to nuts, while sometimes not even aware of their allergies, and about 30% must avoid soy for other reasons.

Vegan and other health options then become a luxury that Californians have to sit out.

I’ve already done my part in changing this by ensuring that my company never uses any nuts, soy, gluten, or other high-allergens in our organic products.


Q: Why can’t I stop eating Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and what will happen to me if I don’t?


A:  I’m asking myself the very same thing (as I clutch my own box of P.B.C.C.).


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)