An Interview With Beauty Expert Jodi LaBossiere


Jodi LaBossiere is a former model and beauty expert who is the author of In Your Face; here is a link to her website:


Q:  What made you interested in the beauty industry?
A: I have always had an interest in the beauty industry.  My Mother and Father were both models and I was around it from a very young age (like newborn – LOL)

Q:  How did you come to sell Avon when you were only fourteen?
A: I started selling Avon at 14 because it paid better than babysitting and there wasn’t a friend’s mother around who could resist buying a few things from me every month.  It was actually a great introduction into sales and taught me a lot early on (many things I still use today in sales and business)

Q:  You were in beauty contests, what did you do for the talent portion?
A: If the contest had a talent portion (not all of them do in fact most of them don’t) I would play Alto Sax (Yep girlfriend actually has a talent woohoo)!

Q:  What is the most realistic film or TV show you have ever seen about the pageant circuit?
A: I have yet to see a film or TV show that is really realistic.  You have to remember when they do these shows they are doing them to get people to watch, a typical pageant isn’t compelling TV, so they tend to throw a cat fight or two in there.  However, Miss Congeniality is pretty funny and Drop Dead Gorgeous is outrageous!  Pageants are actually great for teaching young women how to interview well (who won’t find themselves in a job  interview one day), confidence, etiquettte, social and verbal communication skills  and community service (many systems require their queens to be involved  and volunteer in the community).  Frankly these skills are lacking in many people today so don’t poo poo the pageant girls!!

Q:  What are some common mistakes women make when it comes to makeup?
A: They buy cheap products and wonder why they don’t look that great!  Come on people!!  You’ll buy 2-3 Starbucks a day but won’t spend $40.00 on a foundation that will last a few months and make you look flawless get your priorities right!  Drugstore brands simply aren’t as good as professional no matter what the magazines (who are selling Millions of dollars of ads to those brands) tell you.  Also, you need to have the right tools! Invest in good brushes and take care of them (clean them!!) it will make a huge difference in how your makeup looks and feels.

Q:  What are some of the things you discuss in In Your Face?

A: WEll, you really need to read the book, but I touch on many health and beauty questions as well as relationship issues.  I have been told that I say what everyone is thinking with chapters like: Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat, Another Alcohol Related incident, and The Real Reason You Ain’t Married yet 😉

Q:  Do you think a plain looking woman, wearing no makeup can come across as confident?
A: A beautiful woman wearing no makeup won’t come across as confident!!  Sorry  peeps!  you have exactly 3 seconds to make a first impression and it is time you start showing up and being present(able)!  Makeup is not vanity.  Being well groomed doesn’t mean you are girlie girl or an airhead, it means you care about yourself and take pride in your appearance.  Others take notice as well!  I own my own business and I coach other women entrepreneurs in confidence.  If you show up to a client meeting looking like you haven’t combed your hair or took 5 minutes to put on some mascara you probably won’t get the client.  Why?  Why would anyone hire someone to work for them when they don’t look like they give a crap about themselves?!  What does that say about the work you will do for others?  I know it scares some people, but get out there and learn how to do it!

Q:  Do you think good looking women are perceived as more trustworthy than unattractive women?
A: I think well put together women are perceived as more trustworthy period!  You don’t have to look like Cindy Crawford for people to trust you, but you do have to appear well put together, organized, and confident.  Also, showing up on time or a few minutes early goes a long way in people trusting you.  Being habitually late sends the message you are a flake and can’t be trusted and in most business situations is considered a BIG FU. I never trust anyone who is habitually late  (actually I just won’t work with them).

Q:  How do you feel about cosmetics being tested on animals?

I try and choose my products carefully and work with cruelty free brands ( There are enough of them out there).  In all honesty I would rather use a product with parabens in it than a product tested on animals.  However, you really have to be savvy!  a product that says something like “this product is NOT tested on animals” may simply mean the finished product isn’t, but that doesn’t mean some  of the ingredients haven’t been tested in raw form by another lab or company before it was used in said product.

Q:  What celebrity would you most like to makeover?
A: OMG!! Cameron Diaz!!! Every time I see her skin I want to hug her and make it better!  She is pretty and she could be even prettier! Cameron, call me…

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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