An Interview With Actress Aida King


Aida King is an aspiring actress who will appear in the upcoming HBO pilot King Kamehameha; here is a link to her IMDB page:



Q: What made you interested in acting?


A: I find acting is very similar to playing music. Some of the most gifted musicians actually can’t even read music but their ability to create from a place of love, emotion while keeping the integrity of the beats & scores which really is the mind of music is a craft in itself. Acting combines the skills of heart and mind because it challenges you to understand & channel the emotions of the character you are playing, their feelings, their thoughts while at the same time memorizing lines, and knowing the lines of everyone in the script. I became interested in Acting because the wonderful combination of skills required to bring out those emotions of a character or role and assimilating that with the roles of others. I also know that I was interested in acting because it allows you to reach emotions that you did not know existed. You have an empathy for people in ways that sometimes most people in the public may not have, because you constantly have to wear somebody else’s shoes and become them.

Q: What is King Kamehameha about?

A: King Kamehameha is about a specific individual, a King, in Hawaiian Folklore who transformed Hawaii in the 1800’s while keeping it independent amidst colonial interest in the islands. What I did not know before, about him was that King  Kamehameha is remembered for the Kānāwai Māmalahoe, the “Law of the Splintered Paddle”, which protects human rights of non-combatants in times of battle. That was very interesting. The Pilot is more of a story line very similar to the show VIKINGS, in it’s format, which is on the History Channel. That’s about all I can say …until we start shooting.

Q: What role do you play?
A: I am set to play the Queen of King Kamehameha, which should be a very challenging role, and a wonderful opportunity.


Q: What did you do to prepare for the part?
A: to prepare for the part, I have spent a great deal of time trying to understand who she was, from the historical records. I think it’s important to learn more about the customs that were prevalent in Hawaiian history back then and from that framework, I can start to get a feel for the kind of person she was as the Queen. There is a lot more that I will be researching naturally as I get the script but for now, it’s extremely important to know the role of noble women in Hawaiian history, because she came from that. So that’s basically what I am doing and I am sure there is more that I will need to know as I learn the character.

Q: How did you get your audition for the part?
A: well interestingly enough, my management team was aware that the script was being written, and felt that they wanted someone who was new to play this role. I never auditioned per say, it was simply given to me because my management knew the people behind it very well, and they lobbied to get me the role. I did do a screen test that went very well, and they felt there was no need to hold open auditions for this part. Of course I am grateful for the opportunity.


Q: What kinds of day jobs have you had and what makes acting better?
A: I am a Business, University graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto and for the most part I have been most fortunate to work for myself. I sell items on eBay and I teach others how to use eBay and I have managed to make a good living out of it, while pursuing my other interests. Acting and music are my other interests but acting has become foremost because as I said before, I honestly believe that putting yourself in other people’s shoes on a consistent basis allows you to empathize with people in ways that maybe a lot of people can’t. And when you think about how many actors are humanitarians, or environmentalists, or activists, I really believe it’s because they have an understanding of humanity.  That’s not discounting individuals that are not actors, but I believe that we all need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, and isn’t that what acting is really about?

Q: How did being a violinist prepare you for acting?
A: being violinist is very interesting becomes it’s a very discipline instrument. I mentioned earlier that a lot of accomplished musicians don’t read music, because as I have often heard, it gets in the way…lol. But  I read music because the violin as I played itinerary was part of an orchestra. There was a conductor naturally and you learn the power of cooperation, and  collaboration. Acting requires cooperation and collaboration. No divas allowed. It’s pure in the sense that we are all part of a team and acting is all about that, even when you are shooting scenes by yourself, you constantly have to remember that’s it’s not about you but it’s about the final product, and the role we play to create that product.

Q: What famous film role could you have nailed?
A: well that’s a tough question…lol…my career has just begun, and time will tell what I accomplish and what roles will be offered to me or what roles I will have to compete a lot for….right now I expect to audition for a lot of parts, because there is a push in Hollywood for more Asian actors. A lot of that however is just a start because it will really come down to the scripts I get positioned for…..we will see

Q:  If you could change one thing about the film industry, what would it be?
A: again, the film industry is changing to reflect the great diversity that exists in North America, but I think more people of color and more women need to think about writing screen plays, or producing their own content and if there was one thing I wish was more accessible is opening up more distribution channels for this kind of content to reach the masses. And it’s happening…it’s just that’s it’s a little slow…but that’s ok…


Q: King Kamehameha was the king of Hawaii, If California had a king, who would it be and why?

A: I don’t think anyone person in today’s society can play that role. In my mind the kings in California, are people dedicated to SERVICE…..veterans, first responders, teachers, nurses, doctors, people who make a real difference. And those are the stories that are being told in the movies today… I have a particular interest in the stories of Veterans of WW II, the greatest generation. And it’s great to see artists like Angelina Jolie telling us the Story of a living legend, in UNBROKEN,  who was a POW on the Pacific. Also to see the emotion she brought to directing that movie and the love you could see she had for the gentleman whose story the movie was based on, was really touching. Same could be said for the code breaker in The Imitation Game…..that’s what I love about Acting And Movies…telling stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things…lol
Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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