An Interview With Liberator Art Brand Owner Zig Gruz


Zig Gruz is the owner of Liberator Art Brand; here is a link to his website:




Q:  What is Liberator Art Brand?


A: Liberator Art Brand (LAB) corporation is an American art manufacturing and distribution company. Liberator Art Brand produces the artwork of talented emerging artists under our own brand. Normally art investments are very risky, not practical, and only for the very wealthy. LAB has now revolutionized the way people can invest in art. LAB art ownership comes with almost no risk and many great safe guards, benefits and opportunities.

We want to change the world for the better by offering products and services that can bring financial safety and liberty to millions of regular Americans and others around the world. Our product and benefits offer unlimited possibilities with losses limited to 20% max.

Liberator Art Brand art Is the only Investment in the world that has a 10 Year Money Back Worldwide Return Guarantee. LAB art can be used for Safety, Profit and Protection.

Liberator Art Brand is a lot more than just another company with another product. LAB can be used by people as their own financial liberation vehicle. Our customers can invest, protect and preserve their hard earned money just by acquiring one or more of our artworks. All funds used to purchase our art become automatically protected from just about everything and everybody.

Q:  What qualifies you to run this business?


A: I have a great passion and desire to be able to help regular Americans to protect and preserve their financial future and make their life easier and simpler.

I do not have any direct experience in running large corporations. Having said that, I do have more experience and qualifications than Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg combined.  I do have very wide knowledge of economics, engineering, software, tax laws, finances, legalities and politics;  American and international. I am a natural inventor and problem fixer.

I deeply believe that it’s about time that somebody did something significant to help middle class Americans. Politicians are only giving us a lip service and in too many cases make things worse.

Q:  What is your background in art?


A: I am an art lover. Art speaks to me. Art is timeless and I appreciate this fact. Art is one of the great world’s natural equalizers, since education, race, color, age, country and nothing else matters – just art itself.

I understand how art values appreciate and how art market works. I studied this subject extensively.  I want make art even more than it is today. I believe that we can increase art value and appreciation tenfold. We can help thousands of artists.

LAB art can bring true equality of opportunities to all people.

Q:  What are your standards for the artwork itself?


A: There is no such thing as a standard in art. Art is subjective and we do not plan to control anybodies taste. In a long run, we are planning to let people with help of some experts to choose our art.

Q: How can it serve as an alternative to a pre-nup?


A: Depending on individual circumstances, it may or may not be a full prenup alternative, since we can offer protections only to liquid assets (holdings converted to cash).

What is the purpose of a prenup? Basically, one or both parties are trying to protect some of their assets from a future spouse, in case of a divorce. For the average Joe or Jane this can create a source of present and future tension and even breakup.

Purchase of one or more LAB artworks can handle this type of situation painlessly and without hard feeling. LAB solution is even better from legal aspect, since it cannot be challenge in court like a prenup can be. LAB art can be easily acquired without other people knowledge. Even if it’s known, it would not make much difference, since only the registered art owner is entitled to return and other benefits.

In case of a divorce, all fund used to acquire LAB art stay “property” of the art owner.  No courts, no lawyers.

Q:  You promise “we shall have enough funds at all times to be able to pay out on all return claims;” how are you able to make that guarantee?


A: All LAB artworks come with 10 Year Worldwide Return Guarantee.  Due to this LAB art ownership benefit, LAB is legally obligated to keep 80% of the money paid in reserve for the duration of the return guarantee period, to be available in case of return.

After art purchase is completed, LAB will take off  20% (fee charged in case of return) of the total to be used in company’s business, while putting 80% of the money in separate trust type accounts to be kept for the duration of the return guarantee period. So, these funds should be available at all times in case of return. (Note: 80% amount can be less if art owner decides to take a loan against it. LAB allows up to 75% loan amounts. So, the amount LAB will be holding is 80% – $loan amount. In case of 75% loan, LAB would only hold 5%)

Q:  What are some of the reasons potential clients might have for patronizing your business?


A: We offer many solutions to many big challenges and problems, in addition to safe art investment opportunities. We hope to communicate to people that they should become LAB art owners to insure their financial future stability and prosperity. They have very little to lose and a lot to gain. Together we can revolutionize the world for the better. We offer the world’s only safe investment opportunity and better safety net than any other product, program or insurance – and we doing it for Free.

Q: How can your services benefit a middle class person?


A: Middle class gets abused more than anybody else, especially in case of lawsuits and creditors. Poor do not care. Nobody going to try to sue them or collect money from them. Rich can afford legal challenges and they have experts to do their bidding. The middle class get screwed too many time, too often. Average middle class person is scared to death of lawyers and courts. Even if he wins he is going to lose. One lawsuit or medical expense can wipe out almost anyone.

Liberator Art Brand art ownership can be used as great equalizer. All funds used in LAB art purchase can be protected from lawsuits, creditors and from just about everything else.

Q:  What happens to peoples investments if you go out of business?


A: Great and very important question. All 80% funds (funds that are hold in case of return. Explained under question 6) will be refunded to all registered art owners. Art owners get to keep their artworks and 80% of the price paid  (or whatever is due to them after loan adjustments).


Q:  What kind of legal research did you do before starting your company to make sure that what you were doing was legal?

A: My research started about 20 years ago when I was frivolously sued. Case had no merit, but my lawyer informed me that courts are unpredictable and there was a very small chance that I can lose. Luckily we did not go to a full trial, nobody won, nobody lost. It only cost me about $30,000. Great success. I was traumatized, hurt, and pissed off. How is it fare that I could lose everything I have for no reason what so ever. Courts can take all you have. Lawyers charge by the hour at rates a lot more than people can afford.

To make a long story short, I spent next 15 years + trying to find answers on how regular people can protect at least portion of their assets. I became an expert on the subject, but could not come up with good solutions for an average person. All standard assets protection schemes require a lot of money. And they still far from perfect.

About 2 years ago I finally had an Eureka moment, what much later became a Liberator Art Brand Inc.

Now to the main question about legality:

This is one of the most ingenious thing about LAB. It almost completely avoids legal and government headaches and regulations. LAB sells a product, just like any other manufacturing company. LAB trying to keep our customers happy and provides the best service to them. To this aim, we offer unprecedented 10 year worldwide return guarantee and many other unique useful benefits. What can be illegal about that?  (For more legal explanations and details please see our website, under Help/ How LAB Free Protection works menu.)

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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