An Interview With Rapper Jay Hollin


Jay Hollin is a rapper who just released the single One Day from his mixed tape Architect: Vol I; here is a link to his Soundcloud page:

Q:  How did you first become interested in rap music?

A: I used to watch music videos and listen to the radio a lot as a kid.

Q:  Who are some of your influences?

A: Some of my music influences are 50 Cent, Eminem, Drake, Banks, Tupac, Wayne, Jay Z, Diddy, and MJ.

Q:  What sets you apart from other rappers?

A: I think my consistency puts me apart from other rappers. I can compose whole project in a weeks time, without rushing myself. I record so much material its like in a way I have conditioned myself to work at faster speeds than the average artist. Not only that but I manage myself, I do my booking, my own marketing, videos , pictures, and everything. No Label or nothing just me.

Q:  What is the overall theme of Architect: Vol 1?

A: The theme behind it is growth and change. Its the process of planning out what you want to do and how your going to do it.

Q:  What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence your music?

A: I work for a cruise company right now, It doesn’t really affect my music to much or at all. It’s just a job I have for now until I finish school.

Q:  What are some things you have done to promote your music?

A: utilized social media, passed out flyers, Cd’s ,blogs, and music videos. Anything to get my name out there.

Q:  What inspired you to write the song One Day?

A: I had the beat for two years now, I was going though my computer and found it. I wrote a verse and the hook to it. I ended leaving it alone then came back to it rewrote the first verse and wrote the second verse. The song was done I thought it was dope but it was missing something. I linked up with Palina about a week after. I let her hear the song, she sung the hook I had wrote for it and brought whole new style to it. The rest was history.

Q:  What do you like about the music industry?

A: I like the fact that theirs so many different styles out now. Before it was one kind of rapper. Now theirs so many new kinds of hiphop artist out. You have to set your self apart. Go for the brass ring and take it.

Q:  What about it would you change?

A: I would change the way the labels pick artist. Labels want artist who already have a large fan base. Why? because they don’t have to develop the artist anymore. They want someone who can sell already and carry their brand. Which is dope but it takes away from the artist with talent who has to work twice as hard to get that fan base to even get the attention from the labels.

Q:  What has been your most awkward celebrity encounter?

A: Meeting Obama, I was in Florida with some friends. We stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel. I was going downstair to the lobby for something. I don’t remember what. but out of nowhere we started seeing so many cop cars outside. So we’re looking around like whats going on? then we decide to head back up to our room. So as we get back to the elevator and we see none other than Barack Obama! He waved hi to us. He had so much security with him it was kind of cool. This was like right before he became president when he was doing his campaigning for presidency.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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